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Cristiano Ronaldo: So Full Of Win


Sleek, glossy, edgy where necessary but with the kind of subtle, smooth finish that betrays serious, unbridled wealth. The boot isn’t bad, either. Image: REUTERS/Sergio Perez.

Nope, he’s not shilling another pair of retina bothering football boots. In this photograph, the goofy grin, perma-tan and gel-tastic hairdo have gathered to collect the European Golden Shoe Award; a boot shaped lump of metal handed to the player who scored the most goals in the European Leagues during the previous season.

Ronaldo or Leo Messi, in other words.

We bet you didn’t think it was one of his new cleat designs anyway. This is a significantly more sober colourway than the ones Crispy tends to choose for himself.

Congratulations anyway, lovely. All you need to do now is make room for it in your manbag.

Midweek Results: Joy, Heartbreak & Retinal Shock


Adil Rami ‘fights’ for the ball with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Edin Dzeko.

Yup, it’s gone on forever. But last night, the final round of games in the group qualification stages of Euro 2012 were played. Hopes were crushed. Hearts soared. And Andriy Arshavin took his shirt off.

All were great to watch. Except maybe the last thing.


Weekend Results: In-Flight Entertainment


Hot footballers international duty UEFA Euro 2012

Friday night international fixtures: sorry, but seriously? There are certain things in life that are sacred, and our freedom to plan our entire lives around the period of self-inflicted oblivion that occurs between the hours of 4pm Friday to about 3am on a Saturday morning is one of them.

Have some respect, FIFA or UEFA or whoeverthehell is in charge. The wrath of woman (post-intoxication) is not something you are equipped to mess with.


Weekend Results: International Incidents


An eleven goal margin of victory deserves a special celebration. And Robin van Persie and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar certainly pulled out all the stops for their interpretation of Torvill & Dean’s ‘Bolero’. Image: AP Photo/Daylife.

Are you worried because you missed all of the important events from the weekend’s Euro 2012 qualifying games and random internationals, people? Well, fear not, because via our brand of smart-arse, easy-to-digest snark, you will be up to date within ten minutes.

Obviously not with anything remotely football related, but if you will insist on coming here…


Good Week/Bad Week: In N’ Out


Are there any other Kickettes (besides us) out there who will be partaking in Friday’s ritual end-of-week drinking this evening under the disguise of a light dinner?

If so: you rock.

Until Monday everyone!


Dance Solo: USWNT goalkeeper, Hope Sol0, will be appearing in the latest series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, it was revealed this week. She will be partnered with the show’s resident hottie, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who, by the by, refers to himself as ‘sex on a stick’. According to HoSo, Maks will be doing most of the work this season since she has ‘no dancing ability’.

PS – Hope will be one of the nude athletes featured in the next edition of ESPN The Body Issue.