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Kickette Body Language: Studying The Seven Deadly Sins


‘Yeah, so I was saying that according to Sartre, that park bench is merely a construct and doesn’t really exist.’ Image: Reuters/Daylife.

Philosophy is one of our favourite subjects at Kickette HQ. At any given moment, you’ll find us browsing the works of Dante, Albert Camus and Joey Barton, which are all conveniently situated next to the coffee maker.

We also watched the movie ‘Seven’ the other day and have been looking for an excuse to shoehorn the deadly sins into the world of football. Yay us!


Midweek Results: International Friendlies In ‘Not Boring’ Shocker!


And they say no-one learns anything from friendlies? We learned that Raul Meireles is significantly hotter than we first thought during his side’s game vs. Luxembourg. So there! Image: AP Photo/Daylife

With England’s game vs. Holland cancelled, we gave our UK office the night off. Apologies to anyone who may have encountered them in their local bar last night. But on the plus side, fresh restraining orders have been issued as a result of their behaviour and they won’t be troubling you again.


Tuesday Torso: Pepe, Portugal


Kickette weekly fit

Image Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe.

Midweek Friendlies: Assertive Ab Adventures


Image courtesy of Kickette reader NK. Thanks!

You see the image above? This picture of Danny Agger and his abs was taken by a Kickette Soldier Girl present at the Denmark vs. England game last night. There were other photos, but unfortunately our gal’s next move was to leap the hoardings and race towards Danny, brandishing a bottle of tanning oil and a copy of ‘Tattoo Monthly’ and she was brought down by five burly security men before any contact could be made.  Her camera was damaged in the melee, as well as Danny’s shorts and a couple of innocent bystanders suffered facial scratching.


World Cup 2018: A Kickette Bid Analysis


Prince William (centre) and English Prime Minister David Cameron(right)  ponder the horror that is David Beckham’s hair. (Getty Images/Daylife)

UPDATE: Just as we predicted (ahem) Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. Australia, the USA , Japan and South Korea lost out to that great footballing nation, Qatar, for 2022. Congratulations to them!

Your views on this, Kickettes?


The announcement of where the World Cup is going to be held in 2018 is one that has been gathering a fair amount of attention in recent weeks. (Obviously not in the Kickette office, where such matters are spurned in favour of speculation about short tents and hairdos, but in other football related media. It’s always important to remember they exist, people, even if their priorities are slightly skewed.)

Since we had a few moments spare before Selfridges opens, we decided to take a quick look at the contenders and assess their bids. Properly and everything. Without talking about abs. Can you imagine?!