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Kit Launches: From The Sublime To The Rapdiculous


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New kits are coming thick and fast, and while most are going with the standard ‘cute boy in a clean shirt‘ approach, Leeds United are enticing their fans with something a little different.

Tell us, Kickettes: do you even buy replica shirts? If so, would an Eminem-inspired plea from your beleaguered manager make you reach into your purse and purchase something you almost certainly already have, albeit with a different sponsor name and/or slightly narrower stripes on it?

Or do you prefer to spend your money on more serious acquisitions? Say, cake?

Nagore Aranburu: Links of London Lady


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Our girl crush on Nagore is well-documented so bear with us as we gush once again.


LFC: Coming To A TV Near You?


If the producers are out there and reading this, may we kindly request more of this man? Image: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images.

They’re in eighth place in the table, have put that cringeworthy issue behind them and now they’ve got their own reality TV show. Life is good.

Liverpool’s six-part docudrama, “Our Lives: As Sexy Beasts” “Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone,” will air this autumn in the U.S., Fox Soccer announced yesterday. The network also said it’s the first time cameras will be permitted in the squad’s changing room at Anfield, which is incorrect since we’ve snuck back there ourselves, mobile video and camera devices in hand, once or twice before.

We hear the United Kingdom is not considered important enough to deem a viewing, but that decision surely needs to be reversed come air time, dontcha think Kickettes?

Bajram Fetai: Black & White Baby Steps


Image: Facebook.

Goodness,  Lyngby BK footballer (Danish Superliga) Bajram Fetai’s got a whole ‘lotta fashionable sex appeal going on in this photo. Not to mention a varied selection of transportation devices and a briefcase.

Apart from the fact that he’s obviously indecisive, we and Wikipedia possess little background knowledge of Mr Fetai. We do know he has a ‘brother from another mother’, Mikkel Thygesen (who’s obviously got the abs situ under control), but that’s about it. And honestly, we prefer to keep things that way for now due to our commitment issues.

You see, dear readers, while you may think we spend every waking hour scheming ways to trap our favourite hotties into marriage, we’re actually quite happy being autonomous (i.e. stinking drunk) and independent (i.e. flirting like insanos with cute guys in suits). So before we go slotting Baj (or his ‘bro) into our Kickette homepage rotation, we really need to see more of wherever this photo came from.

If only we could get hold of that briefcase.

Manchester City: Show Us You’re Witty


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Yuppers, it’s another Manchester City post. They’ve got a lot of creative energy to output, doncha know.

In this case, five first teamers were recruited by Umbro to help promote an initiative that involves fans in the club’s 2012/13 kit launch.

The usual: If you’re foreign and not ugly, you get a pass on making an effort (0:15 & 0:26). This doesn’t apply to footballers whose first language is English (0:17).

The unusual: Samir Nasri has a surprisingly sexy voice. Well, we think it’s him. It seems neither he, nor the guy helping him, are really sure. (0:35). He also fancies himself as a film director after he’s finished with football and pigs start flying (1:02).

The Mario Balotelli: boy’s got a crafty approach to being placed under extreme pressure: he asks to go home (0:52), then does (1:05). We admire this.