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Pepe Reina: Product Shill Foul


Under pressure from the Operation Black Vote, Spanish multinational insurance company, Groupama, has pulled its latest advert starring our beloved Pepe Reina from Spanish television.

Via the HuffPo:

“The commercial depicts black people, in a jungle scenario as “stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals”, according to the UK racial equality group.

However Groupama, which has a subsidiary here in the UK, stated that they do not consider that the advert “contains either offensive nor any discriminatory content”.

In the words of Scooby Do, ruh-roh.

Kickettes, your take on the above clip as well as the Liverpool goalkeeper’s participation?


Dan Kennedy: His Hands Are Full & So Are Our Eyes


Feel free to indulge yourself in DK’s delightfully round calves @ 0:20. We did. Cheers SM!

Chivas goalkeeper Dan Kennedy is a multi-tasker. Not only can he deliver genuine lines about how the American Youth Soccer Organisation (AYSO) helped him earlier in his career whilst smiling widely, but he also knows how to simultaneously plant naughty subliminal images in our minds with a simple shake of his hips.

There’s other hidden gems sprinkled throughout this PSA that we wish we could point out, but we’ve been told AYSO is an organisation that benefits the kiddies, so we gotta keep our video review as PG as possible.

Which is why we’re going to stop talking now and let you examine Dan’s assets in motion all on your own.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Gerard Pique 3 Spain boyfriend of Shakira hair hot sexy couple defender

Setting the tone for things to come, how opportunistically great is this Kickette Army soldier girl’s epic photobomb?


Good Week/Bad Week: Cuteness Combustion


Kai Rooney gets his Harry Potter on. He’s going to regret this when he’s playing upfront for England. Image via Daddy’s Twitter.

The boys seem to be learning our ways, Kickettes. This week they have been smoothing us over with everything from compliments, photos of abs, and their pronunciation of the names of diminutive English singer/songwriters. Oh, and the odd photo of a criminal offence in progress.

A little cute n’cuddly action should restore our karmic balance in time for Friday happy hour, no?


In The Hot Seat: Tom Cleverley & Jordan Henderson


Who spends the longest amount of time primping in front of the locker room mirrors?

It’s an age old tool we’ve been probing our favourite ‘ballers with for years, mainly because we can’t be bothered to come up with any better questions.

As you know, over the past few weeks we’ve been training Chris Cohen of ‘Talking Balls’ to do our bidding (so we, ourselves, can spend longer in front of the mirror) and we’re pleased to say that he did a magnificent job of getting the goods from Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley and Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, when he cornered them on Wednesday at the launch of EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 in London.

According to Jordan, who may we add was seriously killing it with his combover, Liverpool’s proud title holder is none other than Jose Enrique, while Tom Cleverley was clearly lying/trying to avoid a beatdown later on by saying the Manchester United dressing room doesn’t “have too many of them, to be fair.”

You sure about that, Tom?

Kickettes? What’s he hiding?