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Real Madrid: Coming To A Shower Near You


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Now all your Cristiano and/or Iker shower fantasies can come true.

Well, almost.


Abbey Crouch: Say It, Don’t Spray It


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Where there’s subtle product shilling and grammatically correct Tweets on social media, you know there’s a shameless publicity stunt just ’round the bend, Kickettes. And for you today we have one of the promo shots starring none other than Mrs Peter Crouch for the launch of Lynx Attract For Her.

You like?  Is it working its advert magic and making you want to buy whatever that thick filming shooting out from Abbey’s can is? Admit it, you want to buy at least 40 bottles, don’t you?

Or has your nose been assaulted by one too many competing WAG smells?

If you do decide to hit Superdrug to snap up this latest scent, please don’t leave home without your finest faux fur hat and snood (bra is optional). It’s cold out there, and we don’t want any of our readers sacrificing style for common sense’s sake.

Atletico Madrid: The Perks Of Being A Professional ‘Baller


Images: MadridAtleticos.comAutobild.es.

The Atletico Madrid men were out in full press call-posing force last week, making nice with their club’s newest sponsor, Volkswagen.

After the flash bulbs took a breather, the squad was given instructions on how to activate the automatic hair gel dispensers that were custom fit to each player’s new (free) Beatle. Or so we’d like to think.

Aside from Diego representing a cause near and dear to his heart through his clothes – the international Avril Lavigne Fan Club – other boys on display included: Arda Turan looking giddy whilst chillaxing with his bros, Adrian Lopez Alvarez carefully resting his bum on his shiny new plaything and Fran Merida frantically searching for someone to ride shot-gun with him.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


“I love underwear…it’s as simple as that” — David Beckham.

You know those women who can juggle ten things at once?

That’s not us.


Liverpool FC: Catalogue Critique


Images via ontd_football.

We really ought to stop over-analysing these club catalogues. It never makes us happy and, what’s the point anyway? They’re basically devices to get fans to buy branded merch, and as such, don’t need a shed load of money spent on them.

Still, they’re a good way of giving the office snark some exercise. Let’s amuse ourselves by assessing the latest offering from Liverpool FC for hidden meaning, shall we?