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QOTD: Jose Mourinho On His Habits


Image Credit: Braun.

“When I do it, I like to do it really, really well.”

Get your minds out of the gutters, Kickettes, he’s talking about shaving.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


You know, Miss Monday, we really wouldn’t object to you using one of your sick days in the near future. After all, that’s why we offer them to you.

But don’t even try rolling them over into 2012 because they’re non-transferrable. You either use them or lose them, so let’s make it count.


- In a new advert for Manchester United’s partnership with Turkish Airlines, Ryan Giggs is ironically chatting up the flight’s stewardess while Park Ji-Sung etch-a-sketches big beverage pimpin’ notes over his shoulder.

- She’s lonely in Los Angeles, hopeful to hear from Victoria Beckham soon or her mother has pulled a Joan Callaghan. Of these three options, can you correctly identify the two lies and one truth that were recently written about Claudine Keane? (Seen in her private box at the Home Depot Center 17.09.2011)

- Roger Levesque shilled for the Seattle Sounders’ season tickets office.


Product Shill: Sergio Agüero For Puma Football


Much to no one’s surprise, Sergio Agüero was officially unveiled as a Puma Football athlete, 13.09.2011. He’ll be wearing the jumping cat brand’s boots (which have ‘Benji’ stitched on the sides for his son, Benjamin) in today’s MCFC v. Napoli Champions League game.

Pretend Product Shill: Seven ‘Ballers These Brands Should Sign Now


When we are not refreshing Net-a-porter or scoffing down Jaffa cakes (well, some of us scoff Jaffa cakes, some prefer Bourbons) we like to ponder life’s big questions – what should Becks do about his bald patch? How did Joe Hart get his bum to look like that? WWJD with David Villa’s soul patch?

And to think: people often accuse us of being superficial. Yeesh.

At Kickette HQ we also like to keep up with all the latest ballers’ shills. Let’s face it, some are plain naff. Others are a bit creepy looking (her head? At that position? Not normal). And a few are downright bizarre.


Niko Kranjčar: Shilling & Strange Women


Image Credit: Davor Pongračić/Cropix. Tip & translation help via Roza. Cheers girl!

Pause for a moment, Kickettes, and feast your eyes on Niko Kranjčar’s reaction to our Croatian correspondent’s unscheduled entry** (via the window, on a rope, blind with lust or possibly the previous evening’s make-up) into Wednesday’s Adidas Predator launch in Zagreb.

After he’d recovered, and our intrepid reporter had taken advantage of the on-site medical facilities, he broke away from boot porn banter to talk about his private life and plans for the future. You can just stare at his tousled beauty for the rest of your life (you can, we tried it) but we recommend you follow the jump for information vital to any decent stalking campaign.

Your choice.