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Product Shill: Ilary Blasi Lets Her Girls Out, Again


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Just as we convinced ourselves that Stroili Oro was the Italian equivalent of our fave vodka, Stoli O, Francesco Totti’s wife and her reliably ample cleavage pulled the rug from right under our liquor cabinets. Don’t you just love Ilary, quirky tongue and all?

Good Week/Bad Week: Never Work With Children Or Er… Fruit


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An awesome round up of this week’s hot stories to ease you into the weekend. We recommend you enjoy it with a blueberry muffin and a shot of vodka cup of green tea.

Good Week

Super Bambi: Mesut Ozil became the latest player to shill his boots for Nike (top). Although most of Mesut’s pretty is obfuscated by funky special effects in the clip, there is sufficient exposure of the doe-eyed one for it to receive the Kickette stamp of approval. Just.

Trophy Wife: Sylvie van der Vaart continued her inexorable rise to the top of the WAG tree by being named ‘Media Woman of 2010′ at the Radio Regenbogen Awards in Karlsruhe, Germany.

She looked hot, natch (left).

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H2-Woah!: The eccentricity continues at Manchester City, as news breaks that Micah Richards will be installing an oxygen tent in his house, in an attempt to speed up his recovery from a knock in time for City’s FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United. Let’s hope the entrance is clearly marked for him, unlike certain other fabric structures at City lately.


Product Shill: Javi Martinez For SOY Underwear


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Spotted on ontd_football

For busy journalist types like us, a typical work day will inevitably involve a lot of internet surfing. At Kickette, we tend to favour videos of cute animals doing amusing things, but occasionally a piece of film finds it’s way to our desktops that stops us in our tracks and makes us appreciate the majesty of the human form, rejoice in the thousands of years of evolution it took to hone it to such perfection and speculate excitedly at what can be contained in a pair of stylish briefs.

Please enjoy Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez, parading around in pants for SOY Underwear. We did.

Some of us still are.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Parma player Dancing with The Stars

Time for ‘Toe Pointing 101′ for Christian Panucci. Image: Tumblr.

Relationships was the most buzzed about topic from this weekend’s gossip – ranging from the custodial kind, to the romantic and brotherly types as well. Read up, Kickettes!


Arsenal ace and Barroness- Although these ex-lovers recently organised a not-so-discreet fro-yo trip together, Caroline Fleming confirmed to Danish tab, Se Og Hør, that she and Nicklas Bendtner are definitely dunzo. Could this be the final chapter in their courtship crisis, or is the custody and alimony battle just heating up?

- The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations awarded Shakira its 2011 Cultural Rhythms Artist of the Year award in Boston on Saturday; prior to that the Colombian singer was papped hugging her fans in between hanging with her MANGO man in Berlin. Someday, we aspire to be as friendly as Shakira is. Someday.

- Matteo Materazzi, brother of Inter Milan’s Marco, revealed the difficult relations between the two in an interview following his abrupt departure from Italian reality show ‘Isola dei Famosi’. Supposedly, he says, things have been tense ever since Marco moved to the Milan side in 2001. Matteo also divulged how, for the past two years, he has not seen or heard from his more talented, older bro.


The Midweek Mmm: Gerard Pique for MANGO


Images: imgur. Thx Johannagara!

Barcelona hottieLike a prescription drug label, these B&W supermodel shots of Shakira’s boyfriend should come with a warning:

- “Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while staring at Gerard Pique”.

- “Dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing”.

- “Keep out of reach of small children”.

Barcelona shakira boyfriend WAG- “Tell your doctor immediately if your behavior changes”.

- “Store in a cool, dry place”.

What would your warning label say if you were to suffer from a severe case of Pique Pox, Kickettes?