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The Friday Fit: Lukas Podolski, FC Köln


Images via the fantastically named Soccer Players In Underwear blog

We aren’t sure where or when these images are from, but judging by Lukas Podolski’s bulge, it’s new (and news) to us.

What we do need to determine is what we did to deserve this kind of Friday, and then repeat the process.

Kickette Fail Files: Jermain Defoe & Friends


It’s an exhibition of athletic prowess, not a ruddy peep show, y’know. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Usually we restrict ourselves to the cheery world of players and their associates when dishing out the Fail Files. But having seen this photo of Jermaine Defoe and elite British heptathlete Jessica Ennis promoting the new adiZero footwear range in London yesterday, we simply could not contain ourselves.

Please pop on your best ‘disapproving’ face and welcome the inaugural Kickette ‘Collective’ Fail File. Because we’re worth it.


Product Shill: The Redknapps For Thomas Cook, Again


YouTube Preview Image

Jamie and wifey Louise are back to the beach for their latest Thomas Cook Travel advert. They’re the couple we love, even though they are rapidly overtaking Brooke Shields levels of product promo.

Why is this worth your time, you ask? Surely you can spare 30 seconds for a reasonable peep at Jamie’s wet, ocean-fresh abs. It’s Friday, for shill’s sake.

Product Shill: Torsten Frings For Nike


Thanks M!

Tell it like it is, Viking man. We’ve long understood how much exercise in general should be shunned. And now, it’s on a tee shirt, which makes it legit factual. (We’re ignoring the small print.)

(We Reject This) Product Shill: Olympique Marseille For KAHMO


Image: PaseenProfondeur.fr

Truth be told that on days we’re lacking in stories or inspiration, we hit Google. And today, we hit the awkward photo jackpot.

Somehow, the genius behind Lisa Lingerie and KAHMO duped Marseille footballers Mathieu Valbuena, Charles Kabore and Jean-Philippe Sabo – as well as one of the club’s rugby stars Frederick Ourabah – into thinking ladies love a good neon underwear gang bang.

That, or creators of the KAHMO collection understood that their designs were… utter crap. After all, who’d want to claim stake in boxer briefs that look like the consequences of Z-list guests at an Ed Hardy forgetting to tip their bartenders?