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Stephen Ireland: A Shiny Thing Too Far?


Stephen and Jessica demonstrate how in certain circumstances, soft furnishings can be utilised as a deadly weapon. Story first spotted via Brooksy & co. Photos: VIP Magazine via Broadsheet

We don’t apologise for what we are about to show you. In these times of outrageous wealth in football it’s easy to forget how toxic the combination of excessive wages and youth can be.

A fervent campaigner in this field, Stephen Ireland has taken the selfless step of opening his home to the public in order to illustrate the perils of paying young men ridiculous amounts of money and the horrifying consequences of an interface between unlimited wealth and a total inability to differentiate sartorial elegance from conspicuous consumption of shiny things.


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Gary and Owen Caldwell, Wigan


Image via PA Wire/PA Photo

Aside from the obvious, (that Gary Caldwell clearly won out when good genes were being passed around), the cute Scotsman also has a penchant for picking good property. Swoon away, Kickettes.

Real Madrid: Hot Property


Sharesies please?

Much in the way we need to regularly (aka hourly) check our horoscopes in order to feel safe and secure, we also need to know what’s happening with the homes of professional footballers. Such is life.

Back in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United days, most of his off-the-pitch antics occurred in this “offensive, brutal and insensitive” £4 million mansion in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Cristiano's UK diggsSaid crib may have had the neighbours up in arms, but C-Ron ignored their pompous protestations and carried on entertaining and being entertained regardless. Bovvered?

Of course, as soon as Cristiano made the move to Madrid, we eagerly set our Google updates for some property gossip. What part of town would he move to? Would the new place have the in-house sauna, swimming pool and “media room” he had grown accustomed to in dear old Blighty? Would there be a custom-built underground direct tunnel to Gucci?

Well, it’s taken him six months, but C-Ron’s search for the perfect pad is over. Here’s the run-down:


Lazy Links & Randoms


Nesta and bubbs
Sandro Nesta and his family have joined the Maldinis in Miami Beach. Also in Miami, Adrian Mutu. It’s a fiesta of fit in Florida, that’s fo’ sho.

David James, jedi-goalkeeping. Does this make him the right net-man for the WC?

Things you thought you didn’t need to know: Stephen Ireland has a 26-foot fish tank in his house.

What’s up with Samuel Eto’o? Apparently he owes a stack of child-support 13,000 euros worth.

Sheree Murphy’s got a new gig hosting a parenting show.

A quick property refresher on footballers who like to express themselves through architecture.

Act fast before some random gold-digger tries to get her mitts into Cristiano’s £70 million.

NandoFernando Torres hits 50 goals for Liverpool, continues his excellent bitchface campaign.

Roman Abramovich breaks out the black Amex for Chelsea.

Alessandro Del Piero sends public well-wishes to Edwin van der Sar on his website.

Lazy Links & Randoms


We don’t feature enough of the sexy Alessandro Nesta, do we? Here he is at La Torretta Sport awards in Sesto San Giovanni. Image via Getty.

Andrey Arshavin’s gal wants a £5 million wedding? Hell to the yeah.

Dimitar Berbatov: serious drama up in his household. Yikes.

Jordan and Jermain Defoe? Guess it was time. Or, perhaps not. There’s also this chick.

Did Clarence Seedorf hook up with George Clooney’s gal?

Looks like Jamie O’Hara’s making an honest woman of Danielle Lloyd. It’s truly the end of an era, Kickettes.

Sylvie van der Vaart celebrates the successful end of her chemotherapy with a party.

We hear rumours that Gary and Emma Neville are expecting their second baby, due in March… congrats!

Arsenal’s Gael Clichy has a pretty spiffy mobile phone set up.

Behind the scenes at our new obsession’s photo shoot for DiR.

Baby Bojan, is that you?

Ronaldo’s wizard is giving us the itchies.

The World Cup draw is looming. We need a double dose of Rescue Remedy to hang on until Wednesday.

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