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Mummy & Me: Sergio & Paqui Ramos


Image via The Ramos’ Twitter.

‘Baller boys getting pictured with their mommas is a win/win for us. Not only do we get to make the “awww” noises that we usually reserve for player offspring, but we don’t have to deal with the whole he’s having sex with someone and it’s not us thing.

But since we’re on the subject of the laydeez in Sergio’s life, has anyone seen Lara recently?

As you know, we’re not in the business of speculating upon the status of people’s relationships, but the lucky lady has been rather conspicuous in her absence lately

Pele: Now Pimping Pizzas

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H/T to Dirty Tackle.

Oh, the things people (or better yet, retired footballers) will do for a little publicity.

Russian League: Faceplant Farce


YouTube Preview Image

Given our preferences in footwear and refreshment, we trip over in public a lot. Which is why we’re fully qualified to tell you that the best one can hope for when travelling at speed to the ground is that no one is looking.

A comfort the cameraman in the above video was completely unable to draw on since he chose to faceplant the pitch during a televised match in the Russian football league (0.10 – 0.14).

San Jose Earthquakes: For Your Pleasure

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Is this what they mean when they say “under an expansive tent“? Image: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images North America.

Have the people at Guglielmo Winery in California been sampling too much of their own product?

We only ask because we can’t figure out why else they would they be selling tickets to a wine tasting session and dinner in a tent, during which the San Jose Earthquakes players will be acting as celebrity bartenders and a free-for-all grape stomp is in the offing.

Wait, what? Charity? For the benefit of the San Jose Earthquakes Community Fund that facilitates and supports programs that produce positive change for children and families in the local area?

Oh. Well, that’s OK then. Perhaps there’s a chance that the event won’t descend into the kind of embarrassing naked free-for-all we initially anticipated.

Javi Pastore: A Worthy Adversary?



This is Javi Pastore’s entry for the this year’s “Bish, Please” contest. Whaddya think, Kickettes? Should Zlatan be nervous?