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Kickette HQ: No Longer Going Roque


manchester city roque santa cruz

Soz for falling off the face of the web, Kickettes! We’re beginning to think it may be time for a HQ server upgrade. Tech-clever peeps, do they make them decorated with diamontes and ice makers? If so, we’re interested.

Anywho, we’re getting back into the swing of things, so sit tight for more coming your way today.

Want To Watch Penguins Playing Footy?



Of course you do!

Leaving no stones or shot glasses unturned here, pointer finger click your way through our expansive catalogue of athletes and adorable animals for additional amusement.

Brian McBride: Abs, Leggings, America


Images: REUTERS.

In the spirit of the US presidential election that’s going down (American readers, do us and the cocktail party proud by voting today!), indulge in the old school abs and thighs of retired American ‘baller Brian McBride.

We can tell you the exact day Brian was removed, quite permanently, from our radar: when the photo at left was released. Can any of our Kickette historians shed some light on what in the hell was going on with the art direction of this vintage shot?

We’re open minded, but the leggings? They continue to haunt us, they do.

WTF Files: Our Server


Having trouble accessing the site? That’s because our server left early to get a good spot at the pub before the Chelsea/Manchester United match and after Frankenstorm hit.

Apparently we’ve been getting excessive hits from certain IP addresses which melted down some doohickey or other and thus, Kickette is on a semi-martini break. We suspect the excessive hits are coming from those looking for hot photos of Iker Casillas, or possibly those seeking an update with regards to our Finest Five vacancy. Alas, we can only provide one of those things at the mo.

A fascinating question as brought to us by a lovely reader: Does the sexification of Iker Casillas from the eyebrows down in the photo above outweigh the severe and devastating levels of fugliness from his eyebrows up? Take your time, it truly is not an easy answer.

Frankenstorm: FIFA, Finances & Footy Reactions


As millions up and down the U S of A’s East Coast brace for a storm inspired by footballers’ auto activities, let’s keep our taking-cover-Kickettes-in-arms safely stimulated and satisfied. Since we’re becoming we’re fully fledged obsessed with mother nature’s ability to interrupt normality at whim, let’s see how famous footy faces are coping so far.