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“Freddie [Ljungberg]‘s such a gentleman. He’s sexy and really knows how to turn a girl on. But Kieran [Richardson]‘s my little rough diamond. He’s a bad boy, that’s why I like him. We didn’t see much of New York, but a lot of our hotel bedroom. I know it’s naughty, both at the same time, but I’m a naughty girl.”  So says model Anara Atanes, remembering the good old days when she two-timed Freddie L back when he was still at Arsenal.

Fulham keeper Kasey Keller has chosen Kaká for Time magazine’s 2008 Top 100 Most Influential People list. He brands the soon-to-be dad as a hero and pioneer. “…In an age in which many professional athletes care more about cars, women and controversy, it’s refreshing to see one who is committed to having a positive impact on the world around him.”

Manchester United’s Michael Carrick looks set to win the property battle with Blackburn manager Mark Hughes. It’s a war of super-sized bedrooms and multi-gazillion pound renovations. When do they get their own reality TV show?

Is former finest five hottie Adrian Mutu ever going to get his ish together? So talented, but seems like there’s always a drama. Luckily, he can still look in the mirror and feel reassured of his worth.

Our absolute favourite chavtastic-fantastic WAG, Yulia Voronin, is back in the papers, this time for her choice of blue satin leisurewear. We love the brazen embrace of all labels all the time.

Roman Abramovich spent £200,000 for his daughter Anna’s 16th birthday. That’s it? We’re quite disgusted by the lack of love and generosity shown in this situ. A girl only turns 16 once, you know Rom. What gives?

Birthday Boy: Cesc Fabregas


Happy birthday, Cesc!


image via reuters

Mr. Fabregas turned the ripe old age of 21 on Sunday the 4th.

For those questioning Cesc’s second place spot on the FF list, by all means, continue to question, but he is going nowhere else. 

Cesc, if you would kindly have your lawyers remove that pesky restraining order, we’d be happy to personally deliver your present.  We promise to stalk less. Honest.

Video Link: Cesc’s On Fire

Randoms: Chicas, Chicos and Chazza



Ronaldo picks up a few transvestite prostitutes in Rio.  Yeah, he’s never going to live this one down. Ever. Also: was it really so difficult to tell that these chicas were in fact, chicos?

Double also: how does £300 equal a substantial enough payoff to keep someone quiet? Dear R, you have much to learn.

In a recent poll, gay women chose Cheryl Cole as the hottest WAG on the circuit. The number one bloke for gay men via the gay-PARSHIP.co.uk vote? Joe Cole. Soz Becks, until that beard has been removed, beaten and buried in the back garden, no one wants to know.

Speaking of Becks, if he thinks he can ever redeem himself, it sure won’t be by appearing on Sesame Street, macking it with Big Bird and co. However, taking off his shirt is always a good way to start getting back in our good books.

photo courtesy of Ken MacKay/REX USA

Is getting a transfer from Arsenal as simple as some non-subtle footie boots? David Bentley thinks so.

Fans of addictive trash tv show, The Hills, listen up. They had a special guest appearance from Norwich City’s Jason Shackell. It’s random and it makes no sense. Still, if you’d like to view and become somewhat annoyed in the process, click here.

Randoms: Svenned and Sarky


Oh, boo. We liked the idea of Thierry Henry returning to the Premier League, but apparently all that talk about him leaving Barca was actually talk.

Nancy Dell’ Olio says Sven-Goran Eriksson is still the love of her life.  Her other boyfriend must feel so… Svenned.

Random mob ish: Stephen Gerrard’s gangster situ; and C-Ron’s flava of the month has some connections of her own.

Marcus Bent’s hair.  Did anyone else catch those weird bald spots on the side of his head during the Wigan/Tottenham game? Did these always exist? We need to know about such matters.

Cesc Fabregas is getting his own tv show, and he’s a little bit sarky about it. We lurve sarky Cesc even more than we love stern/sneer-faced Becks.  Delicious.

Quote of the Day: Dave Kitson



“It’s difficult to be different.  People think you’re arrogant because you don’t entertain the usual, ‘shag anything that moves’ – but I hate all that. If one of the lads has a new watch I’ll try it on and then say, ‘have it back’. If someone’s got a new car, I might have a little sit in it, but I could never draw attention to myself unnecessarily.

Why do people want to do that – to be a showman? It’s on the pitch where I want to stand out from everyone.“