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Champions League Semis: It’s in the Stars



Astrological-minded Kickettes are you out there?

The latest analysis of the upcoming semi-final between Chelsea and Liverpool uses the birth signs of Avram Grant and Rafa Benitez to determine which manager will have the mettle to guide his team to victory.  No, seriously.

Using Chinese and Western astrology, celebrity astrologer Paul Watson says that Chelsea’s Grant is a “lovely fellow, a sweet good natured Taurian.“ Alas, by nature of the day he was born, he is a “worrier” and is weak in the face of criticism.  Benitez, the Aries “metal rat” (huh?), is “fantastically inflexible” and not strong enough to lead his team to a win. 

Enjoy the random star-crossed entertainment below and let us know who you predict will go through to the final.

Link: Avram the Wood Goat video
Link: Win Tickets to the Champions League semi-finals

Freeness: Winners and Prizes


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Matthew Taylor: Picky or Itchy?



image courtesy of PA Wire/KEYSTONE Press

Lazy Links & Randoms


If you’re still exiting a nightclub using your feet, you’re obviously of the steerage class. Please, take inspiration from Mr. Pidgeley and his unfortunately stretched Calvins. Walking is for suckers.

Cheryl Cole is “available”. At least she is in the new Black Eyed Peas video.  A cheeky sense of humour, or is this the end for her and Ash? Also, how uncomfortable does everyone look watching CC “break it down”? Image thanks to our main squeeze, Matt.

Winners of the ICON comp, you have been emailed… check your inboxes.

Coleen McLoughlin as Audrey Hepburn. No, really. They’re like, fashion icon twins, seperated at birth. And by several decades. And actual style.

We want to stop reporting on Jermain Defoe’s love life. We really do. But we keep typing and linking. It’s a sickness and we need help. But before we seek it, we’ll let you know he’s hooked up with BB “star” Aisleyne. We’re going to quit now, really.

QOTD: David Bentley on The Lifestyle



“Some people plan it all. Their PRs tell the papers which club they’re going to, or which shops their missus can be seen walking out of. It’s part of a whole lifestyle. People like Jodie Marsh and Danielle Lloyd are driven by it – they crave being photographed. I know there are people who could arrange things for my missus if she wanted to raise her profile. If I wanted to be known as the DIY King I’d just set it up for me and my girlfriend to get papped going into B&Q.“

Link: The Secret Life of a Footballer

Cheers Kim!