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Footie Love: Do You Have A Secondary?


We’re aware that our footie loyalty to hotness (first), thighs (second), and cash flow (third), rather than to a particular team is not typical, nor terribly moral.  That’s just us. 

imageWe love and appreciate the ‘loyal to the death’ mentality of so many football fans, and applaud those of you who can commit to any relationship for longer than twenty minutes. We bow to your integrity. 

That said, we are certain a few of you out there must have a secondary team that you follow and secretly root for during their big games.

Maybe it’s the love of a certain manager that makes a particular team a staple in your match schedule, or perhaps there’s a lower league crew you adore in the privacy of your own home/HD telly viewing. 

Who’s your favourite secondary team, Kickettes? Or is it completely unlawful to share your love with any other?

cheers to our commenters for this post idea

Lazy Links & Randoms



Happy birthday Coleen!  Ms. McL turned 22 yesterday. As a gift, Wayne left his credit card behind the till for her at a ritzy boutique. She’s celebrating at the Grand National today. Pics will be here as soon as we can hawk ‘em.

David Beckham has a £600 gold i-Pod. But is this news? If your balls are golden, surely everything else must be too.

Wonder who’ll be the first footie-star endorser for these new boots? The video ad is fabulously entertaining, regardless.

Is WAG Michelle Marsh pregnant? Isn’t she a new mum? And does anyone outside of the page 3 community care?

Last chance to enter our competition to win a subscription to ICON magazine – we’ll be closing our reader survey over the weekend and will fill you in on winners and your responses next week. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Footie Love: Big Up Yourselves


We’re in a click-sharing mood today, Kickettes.


Do you have a footie-related blog? What was your motiviation/inspiration for starting it? Fill us all in, get pimping.

As many of you know, Kickette came to life during the World Cup 06.

The beyond craptastic performance of the England squad, (combined with the shop-fested, party raging birth of the modern WAG) had us in regular discussions, debates and fashion analysis with many of our like-minded mates. Alas, when we’d go online to search for new gossip or thightastic images, there weren’t any places regularly hooking us up. Thus we took it upon ourselves to start a blog dedicated to non-news, speculation, and most importantly, hot men in shorts. 


If anyone is in the mood for a little self-promotion, please step this way.  We know many Kickette soldier-girls have blogs. Some are long-time readers, who branched off and started their own sites, others are new readers with attitude, some are, indeed, boys, some have even broken up with us via their blogs… it’s all good. 

For those of you who don’t blog, what are some of your favourite footie haunts? Break out the link love.

QOTD: Jens Lehmann on Baby Booze



“My two-year-old daughter loves to drink alcohol-free beer. What consequences can that have?”

Lehmann speaking on Germany’s Maybrit Illner chat show about his daughter, Lieselotte.

Randoms: Century Becks & Bad Ballers


Jermain Defoe is like, so over it. Danielle Lloyd however, is not. She threw a drink in the face of his latest conquest and got herself and new non-footie bf thrown out of the Funky Buddha club.  Her agent should call for a Jeremy Kyle intervention, stat.

Cheryl Cole needs your clicks.  Her hubby is an arse and she’s losing a WAG off to some random we’ve never heard of.  Do the right thing, Kickettes.

Speaking of the Coles, need an Ashley look-a-like to annoy and/or tackle someone at your next shindig? How about this guy?. He’s er… well, he’s shite. (via pies)

Vague but juicy baller ‘blind item’ from the Mirror: “Which Premiership footballer is chasing his team-mate’s girlfriend? The player in question is sneakily sending her raunchy text messages…“

Half of the reason why we love Sir Becks is his resilience in the face of numerous peaks and valleys.  The other half is because he’s so bloody hot. But whatevs.  Also, last night’s game? Meh.

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