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Weekend Reflections: Was it Good For You?



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Ah, t’was a big weekend in footie. Did you get the results you were hoping for?

Chelsea won 2-1 over Arsenal,  and Manchester United beat a hopping mad Liverpool 3-nil. Chelsea are now second in the table, with Manchester five points in the lead.

Yowser, that’s the most actual football reportage we’ve ever done and we’re exhausted. 

Let’s get back to what we have the authority to speak on: C-Ron’s new barnet.  Perhaps there comes a point where the sheer number of perfectly formed muscle fibres in the body over-ride the ability to make good hair decisions.  That is all.

Random: Nani, hottie or nottie?

Link: Liverpool Pay for Mascherano’s Red Mist
Link: Grant’s Last Roll of the Dice

Cheers Kim for the C-Ron heads up.

Lazy Links & One Liners


Congratulations! Sheree Murphy and Harry Kewell have a new bubba: Matilda, born on 19 March.  Their other children are Taylor and Ruby.  And look, it’s another bloody skull scarf.

Cesc Fabregas plays x-box in his boxers and wants to get a chihuahua puppy. Huh?

Happy belated b-day Nando! Love you, love your work.

Pub quiz hookup: Frank, Elen, Abbey and Alex’s favourite song? Trippin’ On You by Cahill. 

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Becks is one step closer to getting his 100th cap. Meh, for some reason, we’re kind of over it. We are, however, all over the daddy-love.


Opinions & Icons


UPDATE: Winners have been notified, please check your email

Our two year anniversary is a few months away, and as we gear up to that momentus event, we’d like to ask our readers to take part in our first user survey. Wait! No clicking away allowed.


Our eyes also glaze over at such topics – taking online questionnaires is generally a bore and distracts from baller stalking time, but Kickettes, we implore you – especially the many lurkers we have out there – to click here, give us your opinions on the site and help us make it better for you. Also, you can win one of three subscriptions to our bible, ICON magazine, as a thank you for your time.

If you’re not already familiar with the fabu ICON, here are a few reasons why we love it and want to marry it one day:
-It’s run by Jamie Redknapp and his wife Louise. 
-It features exclusive behind the scenes access, interviews and high-styled photo shoots with EPL ballers. Check out the one they did with JT below.
-Their target audience is ballers, their wives, and other multi-gazillionaires who like a little reading material with their foie gras. 

You know you want in. 

Winners will be selected at random, and you can still enter your answers anonymously if you don’t want to win a prize. We’d really appreciate it – we’re working our Manolo’s off to make the site bigger and better with at least 14% more thunder thighs by year end, and every little bit helps.

Click Here to take the questionnaire. Thanks!

Link: Icon Magazine


Photo Call: Stevie & Lilly-Ella, Liverpool



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The Monday Mmm: Indy-gas and friends


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There’s a whole ‘lotta fancy dress hotness in this new Pepsi advert, which features an Indiana Jones style Beckham and Fabregas, a ninja’d up Frank Lampard, and a tuxedo-wearing Thierry Henry.

Not sure that anyone has actually bought a Pepsi since 1982, but hey, at least they’re still making the effort.

cheers mxa!