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Happy New Year



Hello 2008!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you all celebrated the new year with lots of bubbly, a gorgeous party frock, and equally gorgeous friends and loved ones.

We have a personal rule to never make New Year’s resolutions as we have the discipline level of a puppy/ attention span of a gnat.  However, we recognize that it never hurts to have goals, and so we pledge 2008 will be the year we make Kickette bigger, better and bolder than ever for our loyal army of WAG and baller lovers alike.

We’re thrilled to have all of you with us for the well-groomed, gold-digging ride. We truly have the cutest, smartest, wittiest and best-dressed crew of readers on the planet and we love you like Alex Curran (at Liverpool’s Xmas party last week) loves sparkly blue tights and fawn-coloured eyebrows.

What’s everyone looking forward to this year?

Euro 2008 may have a few hot countries up in the mix, but our hearts just won’t be in the tournament this year. We plan on expending all of our energy towards the Joe Cole/Carly Zucker and Wayne Rooney/Coleen McLoughlin nuptials as a high (and potentially fashionably low) point for the season.

In the meantime, we’re going to focus on digging our way out of the champagne bottle fort we built shortly after midnight last night, and things here will be back to normal soon.

Links ‘n’ Such


West Ham’s Christmas party looked hella more fun than Man U’s.  Freddie Ljungberg’s ensemble is an interesting choice; perhaps he sent someone else on his behalf and stayed home to play Wii.

Jonny Evans has been named as the accused player in Manchester United’s alleged rape claim.  He is denying all charges.  We now can look forward to a wide range of “quality” reportage in the tabloids that will stretch out until the dawn of time with none of us ever really knowing what happened but everyone feeling like utter shite over a bad situ that should have never happened in the first place.  Gee, do you think Fergie’s breathing fire right now?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi lost out in the FIFA Player of the Year awards to Ricardo Kaka.  Everyone’s hair on the night was subpar.  That’s all we have to say on the matter.

Every girl’s got one: a completely barmy mate who embarrasses the living snot out of you in public.  Alex Curran-Gerrard is no different.  See pics below of the pair coming out of Balans in Soho. Can anyone ID this loon who is taking precious camera space away from Alex’s photo op?  We’re concerned we do not recognize crazy.

And finally, Victoria Beckham took to the streets of London for a little shopping with a pair of seriously ashy knees. She needs to talk to Snoop about moisturizing.  Or alternatively, she could pop on a pair of tights since it’s freezing outside as a result of it being winter and all.



images: celebutopia

Fantasy Fragrances: Trollop, Tears and Afterglow


Listen up, wannabes: you’re no one until you have been paid to put your personal pheromones in a bottle to sell across the nation in gift sets with ratty polyester pink bows. Just ask Victoria, David, Coleen, Alex, Wayne and etc.

While we continue to wait with baited breath for Iker Cassilas to release his first cologne, “Kickette Afterglow”, we’ve discovered we’re not the only ones out there with fantasy fragrance wish lists.

The fantabulous photoshop crew at chickendinner have put together some inspiration on smelling like your favourite baller.  A must click for Tuesday afternoon ennui. 

How we wish some of these scents were on offer at the shops for real – Danielle Lloyd’s Trollop would be the perfect touch to add to our glittering body gel as we wait in the Friday night D-list queue at China Whites. 



Men in Tights: Frank Lampard



Personally, we think fancy dress parties are the tools of the devil, but to each his own.

Case in point: Frank Lampard in white fishnets. In a public forum.

Frank and his fiancée, Elen Rives went seriously vintage for the Chelsea Christmas party at Stamford Bridge. We think Elen would make a much better Lady Macbeth than Marie Antoinette, but that said, she does look rather swell in that getup, no?

Perhaps it’s just a case of being born in the wrong century. It happens.

More pics after the jump.

QOTD: Pole Dancing in Private


Question:  Which baller and his wife hit the Spearmint Rhino strip club recently and spent three hours in a private room with some of the ‘entertainment’?

Answer after the jump.

imageCan you believe it?

Apparently when David walked in, the place looked like a “jail break” situation. 

Kickettes, you know at least one dancer lost a glass-bottomed platform in the mad scramble, right?

Link: Beckhams Check Bawdy Side of LV