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Randoms: Xmas Cuties and Booties



John and Toni Terry hit the Playhouse Disney Celebrity Christmas Party on the weekend.  On this we will say: holy delicious children, these twins are scrumptious puddings of coffee brown eyes and delectable designer gear. Please note the thigh high boots on Toni.  Undercover minx alert, Kickettes. Also, there were no other celebs at this thing, unless you count Victoria Beckham’s sister, Louise.  And we don’t.

Not sure about anyone else, but we’ve already eaten through days one to 24 in our traditional chocolate advent calendar. The lads at Fanbanta have a solution, albeit a less chocolatey one: the WAGvent Calendar. It’s festive, and boobalicious! Link: The WAG-vent Calendar

Father-to-be Ricardo Kaká has won the European Player of the Year award, over Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Deserved? Or was C-Ron robbed? Didier Drogba came in fourth, proving yet again that terrible hair is never a true dictator of talent. Link: Kaka Wins European Player of the Year Award

An interesting ‘blind’ item in The Mirror of late: “Which premiership footballer slept with the mother of the girl who rejected him? The mum felt blue and branded him rubbish in bed.”

We hate having to use our brains for anything other than wardrobe co-ordination, but this one has got us in serious contemplation. Anyone getting a clue from the colour ‘blue’ in the clue?

Style Files: Our Server


We’re giving our server a makeover this morning, so hang tight whilst we apply a nice coat of French polish to things, we’ll be posting lots of news later today.

Lighting Up: Frank Lampard


Frank Lampard was the guest of honour in Esher, Surrey yesterday – his task was to switch on the Christmas lights, which he did whilst looking quite well, though we hate the undershirt.  Our source tells us he managed to count down from ten successfully, sign a stack of stuff for people and leave.

Not terribly thrilling stuff, but after the icky story in the NOTW about baller exploits of late (John Terry’s drunken dancing makes us itch), we’re good with Frank and the Xmas Lights for now.

cheers J for the pics and braving the crowds!


Cissé and Crew Work the Blue


When it comes to Cissé we like to put our fingers in our ears and sing, “la la la” whilst our readers tell us he is not hot.


We must insist that Djibril is the hotness. We know about the red velvet suits and the multitude of hair experiments and the anti-social interview techniques and that he may or may not have laid a smackdown on a teenager during a commercial shoot. We still call ugly-hot on Cissé.

Sure, 99% of the time we’re all about the pretty boys and the machos, but every girl needs a little ugly hot in their lives, trust us. Plus, he has metal plates in his body. So he falls into the robot-hot category also.

Anyhoo, here’s the new kit for the French national team. And a link to an irate, French-speaking Cissé. He ends the interview early when a journalist asks him about his wife, with whom he recently suffered a family tragedy.


Images via The Offside Marseille & FFF.fr

Randoms: Bikinis, Lip Synching & Guinness


Noemie Lenoir worked a rather aggressive outfit at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show;

Victoria Beckham mimed like a pro with the Spice Girls in their first performance in over a decade;

and David Beckham missed Posh’s lip synch because he was out on a seven hour bender with his Galaxy boys in Vancouver.  He was photographed with a pint of Guinness in his hand and was reportedly followed around by an eager brunette that he showed little interest in.  We like Galaxy Becks – he’s much more down with the homies and relaxed than in the past.


More pics of the Victoria’s Secret show after the jump.