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Cheers M’Dears


A quick thank you to all our wonderful readers and friends who voted for us in the 2007 Weblog Awards.

We didn’t win, so obviously it’s shite.

*insert it was an honour to be nominated cliche line here*

Special thanks for the lovely Laurie at the Offside LA Galaxy and smarty-pants Ahmed at Soccerlens for putting up posts asking for votes.  They are our BFFs forever, like, OMGZ!)

Hottie or Nottie?: Owen Hargreaves



What’s your take on the Canadian/German/Englishman – hot or not so much?


Didier and Jens: Rock Stars


Or not.

But, they did attend the MTV Europe Music Awards.

There is no news, other than Jens looking much improved and Didier’s hair still causing us to weep continually and pray to the scissor gods.

Link: Chelsea Star Defies Manager’s Orders


Calling all Kickette Soldier-Girls



We know, we know, self-promotion is so totally WAG-like, but we cannot help the gauche on this occasion.

Kickette has been nominated for the Best UK Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards. 

Dear readers, please put down your nail files, chocolate covered strawberries and/or the hair clip you were using to break into the house of your favourite baller and click over to vote for us to win this mofo.

This is serious, Kickettes.  Look at Victoria Beckham’s face. This is even more serious than her facial expression; more serious than the fact that this image/video is being used as promotion for the Spice Girls concerts or albums or underwear or something and – hello? – we certainly hope to God this isn’t the campaign for the under 16s.

We’re currently losing to a whole range of other nominees who we are quite certain would not be able to identify Elen Rives from 50 paces.  Do you want these sorts of folks taking the trophy? They probably don’t even own a pair of hair-straighteners.

We thank you in advance for your clicking power.  Voting is open until Nov 8, so please make it part of your daily routine.


Link: Vote for Kickette to win Best British Blog

Costumes at the Ready

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Happy halloween, Kickettes!


We hope you all have your WAGtastic costumes ready. 

We’re just buffing up our nails and charging up the GHDs before trick or treating through the city streets for candy.  And by ‘streets’, we mean footballers’ lounge, and by ‘candy’, we mean jewelery.

Have a good one.