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The Other Football: Jason Taylor is in Town


Pinky swear, this is the first and last post we do on the ‘other’ football, but we’re sure you will appreciate our taking exception to the rule.

Kickettes in London, did anyone see the sights at Trafalgar Square this week? Apparently, there was an eight metre tall animated replica of the Miami Dolphin player Jason Taylor – just rolling through the city, animatroned, looking fine and rather large. 

We think he looks a bit like Stan Collymore, minus all the crazy.

The NFL is holding a regular season game or some such promotional nonsense at Wembley on Sunday. As we’ve seen from David Beckham’s 8 million miles flown for his country/the Galaxy over the summer, this should be great for the players’ body clocks.

In any case, we’re totally down with the Dolphins, even if they’re like the Bolton Wanderers of the league.

Oh, and by the way, Jason Taylor is a very well loved football player in the States.  How well loved? Well, let’s see… he was once asked to autograph someone’s baby. 

Infants have all the luck.

Link: London Calling

WAGs As Role Models: Yay or Nay?


We know, this sounds insane, but hang on.

The argument has it that many of the players’ wives and girlfriends are actually much better educated than their other halves and were quite studious pre-baller jackpot.

For example, Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott) has three A-levels;
Coleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney) has 10 GCSC’s with A grades;
Charlotte Mears (Jermaine Defoe) has 3 A-levels;
Lisa Roughead (Michael Carrick) has a business degree;
and Michaela Henderson-Tynne (Stewart Downing’s ex) is currently working on her law degree. 

The idea is that these women have a potential career to fall back on should things not work out in their relationships.  We say, don’t be fooled by the experts, the WAGs already have careers: shopping 10 hours a day is a very worthy and challenging job, as is drinking champagne and Vodka-Red Bulls until you fall over.  Honorable, valuable work, damn it.

What do you think, Kickettes? WAGs as good role models and a reason to stay in school? Ridiculous or realistic – or both?

Link: Expert Tells Children To Look Up To Footballers’ Wives

Quote of The Day: Josef Sabo on WAGs



‘We went to the (training) base, because women in football are a scourge.

They do not understand that men need to work, that they have a hard job to do.’

Dynamo Kiev coach Josef Sabo, when asked by a female reporter at a news conference about his decision to move the team to a new training location.*

Our thoughts: this man is a simpleton. If anyone understands the true and pure need for their men to go to work, it is a footie wife. The knowledge of cause and effect in this case is very clear – no workey, no shopping spree. It’s not rocket science.

*We’ve used images of British WAGs rather than the Ukranian ones, (because, well, that would require more than 30 seconds of research and effort to find them) but work with us on this one.

Link: WAGs To Blame

Randoms: Face Masks and Text Messages



What a weekend for Steven Gerrard.  His wife paints London-town glitter and he knocks over a child with his Bentley.  Luckily all have survived. The kid has a broken leg, and London club goers should be recovered by 2010. 

The David Nugent naked cell phone pics?  If the uncensored version is the real deal, this is definitely an unfortunate example of small things coming in extremely well-toned packages.  By the way, is this what passes for seduction these days? Story goes that David sent them to a girl he’d met via his mobile to impress her.  Next time just try money in a jar, mate. Works for us.

imageKickettes who can turn a phrase need to click over to our boys at Soccerlens, where they’re having a writing competition – winners get a cash prize and their own hosted, supported and sassed up blog, with pay.  Also: we’re one of the judges for the comp, and you know how we feel about favouritism and ethics.  Exactly. So get over there.

John Terry: We love you, but please don’t leave the house again until this is sorted.  The world is full of enough pain and sadness and face masks.

Did anyone catch angry Didier this weekend? We missed it and have heard that his shirt removal was quite spectacular.  Can anyone confirm?

Lazy Friday Links


As most of our regular readers know, by the time Friday rolls around we’re in cactus form and ready for a nice weekend of stalking footballers whilst intoxicated and catching up on our beauty sleep or eating copious amounts of chocolate.  This Friday is no different.  Just thought we’d share that.

imageNow onto some random bits of news.

First, we have Abigail Clancy, wearing nothing but gemstones in the name of promotional activity – she’s currently fronting the Euro Millions campaign which is up to a gob-smacking