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Six Degrees: Ashley Cole and Mariah Carey


So, this is random and may not win you any points at the next pub quiz, but here goes:  Chelsea’s Ashley Cole is related to head diva Mariah Carey.

Mariah says that while checking into her family tree to see if she had any relation to jazz legend Nat ‘King’ Cole she discovered that she shared a family lineage with Ashley instead. 

That seems a bit like searching in the sofa cushions for a lost

Freeness: Win a WAGs Diary


Award-winning sports journalist Alison Kervin has written her first novel, called The WAG’s Diary. It’s a fictional account of the trials and tribulations that come with being constantly fake baked, stilettoed and drunk, and it’s bloody WAG-chavstic.

The book follows Luton Town head WAG, Tracie Martin, who is appalled at the influx of ‘Slag Wags’ coming in and lowering the high standards of WAG life. Some of the new breed are even wearing flat shoes, which she finds unforgivable, not to mention shocking.  Taking matters into her own acrylic French manicured hands, Tracie decides to write a handbook to guide the way for newbies, wannabes and those who believe in upholding the true WAG code of honour. 

This quote sums up Tracie in one line: “We were all upset when Victoria went for a short hairstyle, but you have to move on from these things.  You have to let the pain go.“

Now this is the type of chick-lit we can get on board with. 

We’ve got three spanking-new copies of the book to give away, and we’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Alison, who has had many adventures following the real-life WAGs around Baden Baden and beyond for her research.  She’s brill, and you’ll definitely get a kick out of her WAG expertise. 

Our interview with Alison will be up on the site Monday, and in the meantime, to win a copy of The WAGs Diary, just drop us an email at wagsdiarycomp (at) kickette.com, with your name, email address and the answer to this extremely tricky question:

Which Liverpudlian lass is engaged to Wayne Rooney?

The WAG’s Diary, by Alison Kervin is out on AVON/Harper Collins in October 2007 and is available for pre-order:WAG’s Diary – Amazon UK

Link: WAG’s Diary Official Site

Winners will be randomly selected and notified when the competition closes on Oct 1.  We’re extremely anti-spam, and your information will never be forwarded or passed on to any one else.  Ever.  Unless we get access to Becks, Lamps or Cristiano’s personal email, in which case we’ll be spamming the daylights out of their accounts on your behalf.

The Friday Fug: Bad Hair Days


Right now we’re coming off all agitated over the hair-don’t being worked over by Birmingham City’s Garry O’Connor.  It’s a modern-day mullet (if such a thing exists), and it’s nearly-ginger.  That right there sums it up. 


We also get a little uncomfortable over the former hotness of Zizou because his hair… well, it’s just not what it once was, is it? Can anyone confirm if there is any of it left?

David James could potentially be up for a lifetime achievement award, but he’s too good-looking. Even through the ghosts of hair-ridiculousness past.

And please, for the love of all that is holy, will someone have a not so quiet word with Arsenal’s Bacary Sagna.  We’re all for creativity and expression – we love the insanity of Cisse’s many styles – but this is not an example of successful creativity nor expression nor extensions.  It’s offensive to men, women, children and the weaving loom that created the hair fibres out of a fine blend of blonde yak and acrylics.

Don’t even get us started on Liverpool’s Andriy Voronin. 

Over to you Kickettes.

WTF Files: Our Posts


To the many lovelies getting in touch with us to ask: 1. Are you alive? 2. Where are the bloody pics of Alex Curran at the V&A ball dressed as a gigantic glittering macaw?, let us fill you in.  We’re definitely not dead;  and the bird pics are coming. Have patience and wait for our credit card to clear at Getty.

Apologies for our absences. We were struck down by numerous challenges over the last few days including: the ebola virus and/or avian flu, no internet, a broken manolo heel, and being given a ‘virgin’ cocktail at a party over the weekend.  We’re looking into therapy to get over that last issue.

In any case, dear Kickettes, we miss you all and will be back on form later today. Promise.

In the meantime, take a second to ponder this bra/flesh coloured pantyhose shirt combo chosen by Cheryl Cole.  Our girl-crush may have just expired. Any suggestions for a replacement?

The Thursday Random: Links


Random C-Ron statements:  He says he’s a gentleman.  He says he will be singing on his sister’s album.  Oh, and he thinks Angelina Jolie is hot.

Jens fans, we know you’re out there.  Weigh in please: is he really this unpopular?

We buy it in bulk every year, it’s our family tradition.  The Beckham calendar shots are out.  Cute, but… do they seem a little porn-y to you?

Speaking of, a case is presented for the benefits of the Italian league’s recent decision to allow a porn channel to broadcast Fiorentina’s first round UEFA cup match.  No, seriously. This is a good thing, apparently.

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