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happy holidays


To all our players, playettes and everyone in between,
We hope you enjoy the holiday season and we’ll see you on the other side.
xx K xx

NYC, Dahlink

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We’re off to Manhattan today for a week of shopping and stalking, and not necessarily in that order.

If we have any Ronaldo sightings, or discover some talent in the American pool of soccer players, you’ll be the first to know. We’re really hoping Landon Donovan isn’t all that’s on offer.

To all those recently showing Kickette link love, email love and all around general internet love, thanks!  We muchly appreciate it and send you all a great big air kiss.

WTF files: england v croatia


… we’re not even going to talk about it.

Because our throats are hoarse from booing.

If, dear readers, you’re feeling some discomfort over the Paul Robinson/Gary Neville own goal fiasco, or the Steve McClaren craptastically crappy game plan, think of it this way: it’s nature’s way of proving, once again, that unattractive people can’t be trusted.

See you Thursday eve, we’re off to eat bon bons and cuddle up to our David Beckham posters.

linkalicious monday

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone. As we’ve mentioned before, we take all possible public holidays off, and this is no exception. Don’t think Canadian Thanksgiving qualifies? We’re sure he-of-the-sometime-attractive Owen Hargreaves would disagree. He’s kinda Canadian, right?

One thing, though: thanks to the wonders of Blogger, our long list of links and witty repartee freshly prepared for Thanksgiving Day was deleted without warning/thrown out into cyberspace/etc and we sure as heck aren’t writing them again when we could spend that time pouting and trying to figure out how to use WordPress.


Sirius Bizniz: About A Bung

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Link: Allardyce and Son Accused in Bung Expos. Image: AP Photo/Wenn.

As we mentioned last week, the ish is goin’ down, and tonight was the night the BBC made their big reveal about who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Unfortunately, no information was given on why a word like “bung” had to ever be created and/or spoken. It just sounds wrong.