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No Boys Allowed: FC Barcelona Bans Male Flight Stewards


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We won’t be seeing Sanchez strip whilst flying anymore. Wait. Did we ever actually see that or was it just a dream?

On a day when the footballing world throws itself into a tizzy over Champs League ish, we would like to take this opportunity to break some news of our own: Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reports that Barca has told Turkish Airlines it wants only female flight attendants in the cabin from now on.

Before you blow the sexism whistle, here ye here ye Kickettes. The reason for the XY chromo restriction is ‘cos Messi and his posse are kinda over male flight crews bothering them for their siggys and free swag whilst in flight – something we can totes relate to. Obvi.

According to the newspaper, the airline has heeded the request by guaranteeing all-women cabin crews for future Barca flights. It says “a handpicked crew, made up of 20 female flight attendants,” has been chosen. No one from the Kickette crew was handpicked, it’s worth noting incredulously.

Footy Tube: Copa90 Coming Soon


Having a football-dedicated YouTube channel seems to be all the rage these days; first there was KickTV, then LoveFootball and now Copa90.

Kickettes, with an increasing number of footy options at your pointer finger’s disposal, which of these do you watch (or don’t you watch) and why?

If Steven Gerrard is a promise of things to come for Copa90, it’s obvious where our eyeballs will stay peeled. Coming in a close second, though, would have to be the channel and programme that’s introduced us to Hal Robson Kanu, Kick TV’s “We Are Reading FC”.

Eden Hazard: Did Somebody Say Shelf Booty?


Baby’s got back, alright. Image: Getty Images.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Heart Of Darkness



Ah, the cheery sight of big ole’ Zlatan smiling. It’s such a shame that previous experience of this expression tells us the scene will end painfully for someone.

Nailed It: Are You Part Of The Colour Club?


varnish lacquer sports nail polish manicure pedicure mani pedi

Images L-R, T-B: @SophSlater, @KatherineAmelia, @Lemonstarbursts, @JohnnieFaye

We were having so much fun procrastinating trading nail varnish-related eye porn earlier with the Kickette Army and we just had to share some of the incredible, “how’d she do that?!” type manicures that our PIY (polish it yourself) soldier girls sent us.

Showing your footy club or national team spirit on your digits: do you do too? Also, if you will: hypothetically speaking, if you were shopping for a fashionable duo or trio of colours for your next mani or pedi, which shades would you run home with and why (assuming you paid for them before running, we don’t condone five finger discounts here)?