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Blind Item: Cash Complexes


apologised twitter pic lost a betWest Brom’s Liam Ridgewell has apologised for wiping his bum with a £20 note, an indecent act which was Twitpic’ed and posted to his Twitter account before Liam had to delete it and cough up a mea culpa. We recovered the photo, thankfully, via the Law of Google (if you have a past, it will re-surface, and it will sound and/or look bad).

But now we hear there’s been another player toying around with his moola. Supposedly, a ‘top keeper’ was recently seen winding up his fellow pub patrons in his hometown local after lighting his cigar with a tenner.

Tsk, tsk, you two.

Any guess on who it could be, Kickettes?

Bumping Along: Daniella Semaan


WAG barcelona gerard pique father ulito ex arsenal player carla

Images via Diez Minutos.

Sooo we should’ve listened to our mums when they told us to pay attention in school and work hard for top marks because ‘you never know where it will get you later on in life.’

Well now we know.

How fast do bubbas grow these days, Kickettes? Is there a new fast-track option for pregnancy we’ve yet to hear about?

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Edit


In another case of old relationships coming back to haunt you, Danny Simpson’s baby mamma Stephanie (who claims to be pregnant with their second child) has accused him of cheating on her with pop songstress, sex tapestress and X Factor judgestress, Tulisa, towards the end of their relationship. Separately, Krystal Benjamin (his alleged side, side piece) accused the right back of cheating on Stephanie throughout their 10 month long fling (which supposedly included jibberish sexts and free flights to the Southampton home he shared with Stephanie for late night romps). Jenny Thompson is also mixed up in the mess (and also pregnant, but not with his child) because – c’mon – how could she not be involved in this love quadrangle somehow?

Over the weekend Danny finally went on the public defense, insisting everyone around him knows the truth about these sordid tabloid stories.

It’s safe to say these allegations have really taken the jam out of gossip-loving doughnut this morning.


Celtic FC, Snoop & Neil Lennon: Party People


Snoop Lion is weighing up the possibility of buying “enough of a percentage” to get himself on the Celtic board so he can be “heard,” he told the Daily Record last week.

Some will dismiss this as manufactured publicity, but ’tis a real possibility, Kickettes.


Christian Vieri: Back On The Beauty Wagon


ex girlfriend melissa satta kevin-prince boateng fiancee fiance

While we were off collectively losing our minds (and wallets), Christian Vieri and his anonymous lady friend were scootin’ and tootin’ around Miami Beach. Wonder if he and Pato trade dating secrets or something because Melissa Satta’s ex (a frequent habitué of SoBe) always pulls the pretty birds.

Unidentified lady friend’s windblown waves: do you like or lurve? Not that we’re judging her already or anything.