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Sergio Ramos & Lara Álvarez: To Be Or Not To Be?


Images via Tumblr.

In a car much cleaner than his Spanish NT defensive partner, Sergio Ramos’ shady drop off last Thursday has added fresh fuel to rumours that he and Spanish TV presenter, Lara Álvarez, are giving their relationship another go.


Lower League Lovelies: Ben Herd, Aldershot Town


Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

We’ve heard all the arguments about the relevance of the League Cup to English football. But the value of the gate receipts and er… exposure opportunities for clubs like Aldershot Town (and busy women who don’t have time to scour the lower leagues) cannot be underestimated.

Ashley Cole & Chloe Green: Dating Or Just Dabbling?


Footballer WAG dating england girlfriend cashley cole

Ashely Cole and Chloe Green leaving Cirque du Soir, Ganton Street, London.

Philipp Green Topshop daughterAshley Cole and Chloe Green are a rando mix of people to be seen exiting Cirque du Soir’s backdoor separately at 4am, no?

Clearly they must be doing it. And clearly Ashley has a fetish for wannabe ballerinas.

Just kidding! We have no clue why the Chelsea man and the reality telly star were doing their best to play coy and undercover when they weren’t even pictured together, but at least Ashley looked spiff in the process.

Ex husband Cheryl chelsea footballerThat is, until he got into a heated argument with a passer by along his way home, politely picking a fight with the stranger smack dab in the middle of the street. Although his mate was successful in his attempts at physical containment, Ashley then rifled off a verbal assault on bystanding paparazzi, telling one of them that they’d be ‘dead in two years’.

All’s fair in lust & street fights?

Embarrassing Dads: Wayne Rooney’s Father Arrested


Rooneys Senior (left) and Junior. Images: Getty Images, Reuters/Daylife.

Wayne Rooney, father of er… Wayne Rooney, has been arrested by police for his involvement in a match fixing scandal, it has been reported. Wayne’s uncle Richie and Motherwell midfielder Steve Jennings are also among the nine men being held in relation to suspicious betting activity surrounding a fixture between Motherwell and Heart of Midlothian last December.

We will keep you updated.

Gerard Pique & Shakira: Over Already?


This post may or may not serve our hidden flogging-your-computer-with-gratuitous-Pique-pics agenda. Image taken 19.09.2011 at the Joan Mas concert.

Kickettes, before we begin, it’s in your best interest to take this news with a grain of salt and shot of tequila.

Patron Silver chilled is our ace in the hole, just in case you’re in the market for a more specific suggestion.