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Diego Forlan: Single & Ready To Mingle?


Copa America player on the prowl

Image Source: One of the best Tumblr pages we’ve seen in awhile. Check out the shot they got on Figo. Ahem.

Could it be the quickest post-break-up bounceback ever recorded in football dating history, Kickettes? Diego Forlan’s abs have barely been free for more than 10 minutes and they’re already back on the prowl (or so reports would like us to believe)?


Nicklas Bendtner & Caroline Wozniacki: Just Friends Or Just A Bunch Of BS?


Arsenal ace and tennis player star Wimbledon

Image Sources: Ciacha.net via www.seoghoer.dk.

He got her tickets for an Arsenal game, she got him some damn good seats for Wimbledon (but was shockingly knocked out earlier this week). In all honesty, we don’t know what the dilly between Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Wozniacki is, Kickettes, other than they were recently seen out grabbing some grub with platonic pals.

Or were they?


Mexico U22 Squad: Pleasured, Then Robbed


escort scandal national team

Image Credit: MedioTempo.com.

What began as a reported robbery over the weekend involving the Mexico U22 team has quickly escalated into a salacious sex scandal for the Mexican Football Federation, y’all. Or, another way of looking at it: a juicy way to begin this Tuesday!

Following the team’s friendly in Quito, a few players took stock of some precious baubles that unexpectedly vanished from their rooms. In a state of panic, they and the team raised the issue with the hotel, which promptly put their entire staff in question. The hotel finally got a break in their investigation after they (finally) checked the security cameras. Knowing what we already know about this story, we imagine reactions to the tapes included snickering, sneering and a few face palms. Good times.


On & Off The Market: Diego Forlan & Frank Lampard


We’ve actually got news of value today, Kickettes!


Don’t worry, it won’t last long, though!



Injunction Issues: Ryan Giggs Is Outed


super injuncted footballer Manchester

Almost a whole year before Man City’s Yaya Touré fell victim, the dongle sign struck Ryan Giggs. Or is it the other way around?

Scotland’s Sunday Herald made a bold joke of one government enforced gag order over the weekend when it splashed an easily identifiable picture profile of the footballer at the centre of the EPL’s latest injunction scandal. Editor Richard Walker explained his decision to showcase one particular Manchester United icon’s barely-censored face by claiming he wished to expose ‘the lunacy of the situation’ (as opposed to  boosting newsstand sales of his Sunday paper, as naysayers are arguing). He continued by stating the obvious: ‘The law is not keeping up with with the way we live today.’

Coincidentally, earlier this morning the British tabloid, The Sun, tried but failed to overturn its own injunction which prevent the daily paper from printing details about the aforementioned footballer’s trysts with Imogen Thomas. Well, thanks to a loose-lipped Member of Parliament (or several, if you’re counting), we now know that the ‘love rat’ at the centre of a cheating scandal involving the reality telly ‘star’ is Ryan Giggs.

Since we chose to miss the boat(s) on speculating about this sensationally sordid situ, we can now confirm the following Tru Fax: