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Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Seattle’s Fredy Montero post-surgery Twitpic. Go Sounders indeed.

T’was a looong week last week, Kickettes, so forgive our ill-fated attempts at keeping a semi-professional/regular schedule. Fortunately, as we flooded our insides with in-flight alcohol, we found some superb shots of a CR JR being craddled by his papa.

Let us begin.


- In case you missed the news like we did, Nagore Aramburu was declared the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in Spain by the country’s edition of GLAMOUR magazine. Her hot hubby was more than happy to accompany his wife to last week’s ceremony.

Image: Glamour.es. Thnx RF!

- Christian Chivu, 30-years-old, announced his retirement from Romanian international football; he blamed ‘age and surgery’ as reasons for his dwindling competitive streak.

- What kind of dirt does Cesc Fabregas have on Jack Wilshere?! Whatever the secret is, Wilshere promises it will be one for the ladies if he’s ever exposed. We think Cesc should open Jack’s can of worms; you?


Rumoured Relations: Aida Yespica & Mesut Özil


German Real Madrid girlfriend

Images: WHO magazine.

Real talk, Kickettes. In this day and age of tabloid speculation, ‘baller bed hopping and random WAGabee infiltration of the clique, one constant has withstood the test of time: when one footballer’s king-size mattress share spot is suddenly taken, another is moments away from being magically vacant.

The latest news coming out of Milan – which seems to be extending these valuable words to live by’s longevity – is about Mesut Özil and Aida Yespica having a mid-February dinner date together. Gossip tells us that the two did their best to avoid the paparazzi lenses before and after mealtime, as well as while entering a club in the city’s centre through the back door. Afterwards, as we’ve heard, both parties mutually retreated to the same hotel for an intellectually challenging game of Words With Friends.

It’s hard to tell who won.


Nicklas Bendtner: Suit You, Sir? – UPDATED


UPDATE: If Facebook status updates are anything to go by, Nicky’s once-unidentified lady pal is actually a friend of his named Kennid.  Hardly closure but surely it should count for something?

There was a time when Nicklas Bendtner provided this site with the kind of material our whacked out staff could really work with. There were the numerous libido-heightening shots of him in various states of public undress. The unforgettable saga of the pink boots. The car crash. The jewellery company.

The man was a veritable muse.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Parma player Dancing with The Stars

Time for ‘Toe Pointing 101′ for Christian Panucci. Image: Tumblr.

Relationships was the most buzzed about topic from this weekend’s gossip – ranging from the custodial kind, to the romantic and brotherly types as well. Read up, Kickettes!


Arsenal ace and Barroness- Although these ex-lovers recently organised a not-so-discreet fro-yo trip together, Caroline Fleming confirmed to Danish tab, Se Og Hør, that she and Nicklas Bendtner are definitely dunzo. Could this be the final chapter in their courtship crisis, or is the custody and alimony battle just heating up?

- The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations awarded Shakira its 2011 Cultural Rhythms Artist of the Year award in Boston on Saturday; prior to that the Colombian singer was papped hugging her fans in between hanging with her MANGO man in Berlin. Someday, we aspire to be as friendly as Shakira is. Someday.

- Matteo Materazzi, brother of Inter Milan’s Marco, revealed the difficult relations between the two in an interview following his abrupt departure from Italian reality show ‘Isola dei Famosi’. Supposedly, he says, things have been tense ever since Marco moved to the Milan side in 2001. Matteo also divulged how, for the past two years, he has not seen or heard from his more talented, older bro.


Pato’s Lady-Pulling Paradox: Passion Fruit Potion Or Poisonous Pimp Juice?


AC Milan footballer Prime Minister's daughter

Images: Gossipblog.it

We’re going to go out on a limb here and stake our Pato claim: we.don’t.get.it.

Wait! Hear us out on this one.

Much of what we are about to say is meant in the nicest possible way, but can be interpreted as a plea for help. Make us understand, Kickettes: how is this AC Milan man regularly caught canoodling with high-profile/sometimes reputable birds, regardless of how silly his nickname and attire are?

Trust, we want to be Church of Pato’s Pimpin’ converts.  Amidst being left alone and afraid, though, our staff concluded that his secret sauce boils down to 2/3 cups of John Mayer-like lothario lovin’ mixed with 1/3 cup of  the youngest Jonas Brother’s curly tendrils.

Yes – although we’ve wasted precious eyelid staring hours negotiating the appropriate doses of each celebrity lady killer, we really are all too lazy to give the JoBro kid a name through Google. Some things never change.

For the love of all things holy, dear readers, please submit your virgin version of his semi-sly seduction cocktail (2.5 nauseating hours of ‘Dora The Explorer’ daytime telly with his lady friend’s kids, perhaps?) or provide photographic evidence of anything other than his abs and VPL as your counter-argument.