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The Ugh Files: Aurora Oliveira, Escort To the Italian Footy Stars?


Serie A and Italian National Team 'ballers call girl

Aurora’s other interests include charity work, knitting and lawn green bowls. Images: SoloGossip.it; Telegraphbuzz.com.

Two weeks ago, sex solicitor Aurora Oliveira was a guest on Italian TV show, “Chiambretti Night”, to tell all about the prostitution tactics she used to romp with several unidentified Serie A footballers and Italian NT players. Her scandalicious gossip was so great, that the show invited her back just days later to facilitate a further ratings rise.

Although Ms. Oliveira made some potentially damning allegations against a bunch of ‘ballers – some of which warranted threatening calls from her clients should she dare name and shame them during her second interview – we’ve been abnormally sluggish when disseminating this ‘news’ to you folks.

Turns out, we’ve even lost the vigor needed to regularly ransack the lifestyles of the rich and talented in a snarky, light-hearted manner.  With these ‘pay-for-play‘ rumours and other such infidelity issues among the footy elite becoming more regular, we’ve taken a step back, hoping our refusal to dignify will cause these stories to cease with immediate effect.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Melanie Slade English WAG Arsenal

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott and his longtime girlfriend, Melanie Slade, looked tattered and tired post-overnight stay at the Mayfair Hotel. They must’ve played a taxing game of Twister. Yes, that’s what those crazy kids are calling it these days. Image: PacificCoastNews.com.

Show of hands, eye winks or thumbs up: who is feelin’ this past weekend’s irresponsible intake of alcohol and cupcakes?


- We can’t determine why, but Brazilian model Analu Campos denied ever flirting, frolicking or fornicating with Marco Borriello.

- Steven Gerrard’s wrinkles were out in full, observation-only effect. And with the departure of his Spanish love just before Valentine’s Day, who can blame him?

Image: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe.

- Jessica Lawlor and Claudine Keane are up for Peter Mark VIP Awards. Well, it is awards season, but we somehow didn’t save this ceremony’s date.


Gerard Pique & Shakira: Dating Or Just Dabbling?


Dating or Just Doing It

Image: Facebook.

One picture down (our pockets are NOT 300K fuller, mind you) and what are our thoughts on the matter?

Carles Puyol is one lucky guy.

And you, Kickettes?

Vedran Ćorluka: Back On The Market… Ish?


Image: Google.hr.

We gotta hand it to the 6’4, silky jet-black haired Croatian man candy: Tottenham’s Vedran Ćorluka finally kicked the drunk-off-her-arse-in-public bird to the kerb.

Ćorluka’s ex-girlfriend, Iva Buzov, moved out of their London flat and high-tailed it back to Zagreb two months ago. Turns out, Iva wasn’t “his destiny,” something her friends echoed to the media when they shamelessly blabbed about the “lack of passion” between the Croatian pair.

Of course, these “friends” neglected to mention the rumours of his infidelity. Naturally and, not surprisingly.

Moving on to a couple of days ago, when Mr. Ćorluka was seen leaving Whiskey Mist with a new girl. She’s still unindentified but according to press, looks quite a bit like the Croatian model Jelena Urukalo.

So, looks like we missed our window of opportunity to gaze longingly into Corluka’s huge green eyes whilst humming the Wedding March. Bollocks.

Thanks R!

Mesut Ozil: Bambis & Break Ups


He does ‘deer in the headlights’ remarkably well, no? Images via ONTD_Football

So Mesut Ozil won a Bambi Award. We were laboring under the misapprehension that a Bambi was an appearance based honour awarded to those who look most like the Disney deer, a notion not dispelled by the above photo. However, for those who care, Mesut received his Bambi for ‘successful integration into German society’.

Ok, good.