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David Beckham: Let’s Not And Say We Did – UPDATED


UPDATE: It appears the gloves are off and the rumble in the court jungle is about to go down. We eagerly await the next stage!

Could this week get any worse? We have hit the “push a puppy out of the way” stage of cranky already and certainly didn’t need to see the cover of In Touch magazine’s David Beckham + Hooker = Anger Making Skankocity tag line.

So, in the name of our delicate constitutions, how about we just make a few key points about how this story is being reported, and then if it’s alright, we’ll head back to checking if our local chocolate factory has agreed to let us take up employment? Because, Kickettes, we’re dunzo.

Abbey Clancy: Yup, She’s Pregnant – UPDATED


UPDATE: Peter Crouch has confirmed the pregnancy but is very upset that The Sun reported the story prior to her 12 week scan. She told Peter she was pregnant on the 25th of July.

Abbey Clancy’s decision to forgive fiance Peter Crouch’s indiscretions may have become a little clearer this morning, if newspaper reports are to be believed.

According to several British outlets, (although it should be noted that after running the report this morning, the Daily Mail seem to have pulled it) Clancy was at a lunch with celebrity hairdresser James Brown when she was reportedly overheard stating that she had visited a clinic that morning for her twelve week scan and that the baby was a boy. She then produced a copy of the scan image and talked of buying ‘millions of babygros’.

As yet, neither Clancy nor Crouch have confirmed or denied the story. But the timing suggests that Abbey would have already been a month preggers when Crouchy was getting friendly with lady of the night Monica Mint in Madrid.

We’re 50/50 in the Kickette office, not least as Abbey has continued with her horseriding up to this point. But as always, we shall keep you informed of developments…

Wagabee Denied: Iker Casillas Issues A Statement


See this ‘bish, please’ face? This is what you get if you take Iker’s name in vain.

Let this be a warning to the media and those who reside in the Iker Casillas Fangirl Network (of which we are proud sponsors), the Saint will not have you besmirch his holy name.


QOTD: The Rooneys Issue A Statement


Coleen and Wayne Rooney Manchester United“The last six days have been extremely painful for us and our families. It is impossible for us, as it would be for any family, to attempt to resolve any issues in the current media glare and against the backdrop of so many inaccurate and intrusive stories.

We would therefore ask that the media now respect our privacy and the right of our family to discuss these matters in private.”

-Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Since it’s way too close to the weekend for us to ask any question other than, “Where did we put our hip flasks?”, we’re just going to say that certainly is one carefully worded statement. We suggest reading between the lines, Kickettes.

Hang in there, Coleen – our thoughts are with you and your sister Rosie.

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Footy Flirting: How Much Is Acceptable?


To break up, or stay faithful? Javier Mascherano, Kaka & Cescy feel the pain of indecision. Images: Getty Images, AP Photo via Daylife

We’re used to football players having a somewhat ‘loose’ grasp of fidelity in relationships. How these guys haven’t figured that using prostitutes and/or sending photos of their man-parts to random girls is not acceptable behaviour within a loving relationship we’re not sure, but the debate certainly whiles away many a happy hour in the Kickette office.

Obviously, infidelity in a relationship is a no-no, but what about when it’s on the pitch? How do you feel if your fave boy begins flirting with another club – or just as bad – if a club starts flirting with him?