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Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image via Splash News

- While Victoria Beckham looks rather bad ass smoking a cigar at a beach house in Malibu this weekend, her hubby David’s been named in Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame. In an interview Becks names his favourite items of clothing as Dior Jeans and a white t-shirt.

- Vanessa Perroncel has spoken out -for free - in an extensive story with the Guardian and she tells a very different story than what most people have heard about the whole John Terry/Wayne Bridge love and lust trifecta. Definitely worth a read.


A Message To Abigail Clancy


Dear Abi,

We’re not sure if these heinous rumours are true, but if they are, we do know one thing:

Visiting a prostitute while you are engaged to the eye-watering hotness that is yourself is the behaviour of someone in receipt of a comprehensive and highly successful frontal lobotomy.

But let’s not focus on the negative. Indeed, we won’t be offering our condolences to you; we will offer ourselves instead.

Here are five reasons why you should forget about Peter and go out with us instead.


Rumour Control: Iker & Sara’s Engagement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Waitress


Let’s address the two stories that are filling up our inboxes with panic, scorn, and scorn-filled panic. We must warn you though, you may not be satisfied by what we have to offer. If you’re looking for closure, you shan’t be getting it here.

Let’s start with the Pastasauce rumours of an engagement with the mighty Iker Casillas:


Expecting Their Second Child: Fernando Torres And Olalla Dominguez


Fern and O in less pregnant times.

UPDATE: The pregnancy has been confirmed.

The bump doesn’t lie, Kickettes. Please compare these photos taken when Fernando and Olalla’s first daughter, Nora, was fresh and shiny, to the belly situation occuring in the pic at left.

Fernando Torres, you little minx.

Not only was Mr. Torres able to keep his wedding a secret from the press, but he’s somehow kept this on the hush-hush as well. He surely has a career in espionage post-footy.

A huge congratulations to the couple, who recently celebrated Nora’s first birthday. Yup, you do the math. Nando and Olalla have been doin’ it.

Thanks UF! More pics of Nando and Nora here.

Pitter Patter: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes A Father – UPDATED


Baby boy born in June

Image via Tumblr – but will the rightful owner please stand up and claim this beautiful piece of artwork?

We try to avoid posting rumours with no basis on fact (see the Alex Gerrard “sister” joke of a news piece), and work hard to research our stories as much as possible – see our breaking open of the completely mis-reported story on Sara Carbonero, for example. Thus, we held off on posting this until we had heard about the confirmation from Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives.

Now that Ronaldo’s U.S. representation “confirmed by e-mail that his correspondence with fans is in fact true,” let the gossip begin!