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‘Ballers Behaving Badly: Non-Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Too


Just when we thought cheating footballers would be hyper-sensitive to the eyes and ears and camera lenses around them, we have a trio of bad boys on the brink of relationship red cards.

Q: What do Patrice Evra, Carlos Tevez and Oliver Kahn have in common?

A: They all allegedly cheated on their significant others with blonde lady friends.

What’s worse:


Excuse FAIL: Ashley Cole’s Sexy Texts


And… another one bites the dust. (Rio, we’ll get to you in a minute.) But for now, let’s examine the public relations fail that somehow advised the very married Ashley Cole to explain away sending photos of his penis to a glamour model in this manner:

He was “larking about”.


Taking photos of his naked body. Just, ‘cuz.

Then a friend of a friend’s mate with bad credit needed a way to communicate and Ashley passed on his pay-as-you-go (?) phone… and the rest is history.

As everyone in the free world is aware, PAYG phones are for drug dealers, cheaters and 10-year-old girls. As everyone in the free world is also aware: Ashley’s excuse is complete and utter bollocks.

Especially when another girl has come out with more photos. Sigh.

We’re coming round to the idea that supporting the England squad means supporting skankery in all it’s forms, both stupid and sophisticated. But mostly stupid. So, let’s all throw our wholehearted backing into STD testing and move past this.

And also: We want to see the photos. No shame in our game.

Random: Ashley’s injury makes us stampy; he’s such a talented player. World Cup, we barely knew ye.

Iker Casillas: The Exit Needs Work


Well, what do we have here?

Spanish gossips are reporting a potentially uncomfortable morning-after walk-o’-shame situation involving our favourite goal-keeper, Iker Casillas. While the whole, factual truth of this rendezvous –  including the chica’s identity -  is not available for public consumption, Iker’s sheepish look of guilt has us in a tizzy speculating the endless possibilities of this early afternoon gathering.

Is she his lead PR rep? A beard-groomer? The local Avon lady pushing the company’s newest shimmer-kiss lip balm?

Regardless, we think Iker needs a little coaching in avoiding detection by the press/friends/family/current lovers thing. Here’s a few pointers, luv:


John Terry: Notes on a Scandal


UPDATE: Vanessa Perroncel has spoken to the Guardian and her side of the story tells a very different one to the others being presented.

Digging ourselves out of the mountainous pile of tabloid reports, JT jokes, and tired “WAGs as role models” arguments, we find that yet, again, we are left with more questions than answers in the John Terry, Wayne Bridge and Vanessa Perroncel fiasco.

Call it information overload, call it alcohol kills brain cells, we’re not bothered.

The big news this afternoon is Fabio Capello’s decision to take John Terry off of captaincy duty for the England team. In a statement provided by the FA, Capello commended JT’s performance as captain but said that taking “other considerations” into account he thought it was best for the team.

We all know what those “other considerations” are: John Terry’s oft-lauded, but badly-behaving penis.


Lazy Links and Randoms


Mikel Arteta, who are you playing peek-a-boo with? No need to play coy with us, luv.

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Finally, we’ve a question for you Kickettes: where do you sit in terms of your JT scandal overload? Do you want us to give it more time? Or keep the salacious updates to a minimum? We’re curious to know where the army stand on this.