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John Terry: When Good Gossip Goes Bad


Think it’s fair to say that we would like to shove our fingers in our ears and sing “la, la, la,” rather than deal with this story.

Considering we rummage only in snark and footy private lives, we admit, this is unusual. But here’s why:

1. Because it’s straight up, messed up and ick-making to the highest degree. Damn, John Terry, you shoulda, coulda, woulda.

2. Because in a World Cup year we like to imagine a happy, united and unified team heading into battle.

3. Because this reminds us that the list of current England players – and in fact, footy players in general- that have had nasty extra-curricular activities reported, rumoured and whispered about is a skanktastic kilometre long.

4. It takes the wind out of our short tent story. (Hee, geddit?)

As the story develops and we can seperate truth from rumour more clearly, we will update with links below.

Side note: If this news is the “open secret” it’s rumoured to be, does that mean Toni Terry has known about this for some time?

Update with link about JT’s role as England captain: “If the requirement is for the best leader, the man who exudes the qualities required of a captain on the pitch, there remains no one better.” -  Captain Contradiction

Link: John Terry – Injunction Lifted On Reporting

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Lazy Links & Randoms


Kickette RCA winner Mario Gomez shares a sofa with Jon Bon Jovi and Heidi Klum at the taping of WETTEN DASS? Mario seems underwhelmed by the serenade.

Cute Germans and Nutella? Who’s been peeking into our diary of footy food fantasies?
WAG Clio Zenden reveals that her seven-year relationship with Sunderland’s Bolo Zenden is officially dunzo.
Keep your World Cup longing burning with this flashback to the killer Brazil/Italy ’82 match.
Spurs have their own i-phone app! Those of us with Blackberries will keep stum on the matter.
Let’s carry on the Jose Mourinho love-fest we’re all enjoying at the mo’ with a 3-minute highlight roll of his sideline antics.
The Inter boys autographed a ton of banners to raise money for Inter Campus Romania and the children of Haiti.
Is Lady Gago heading to Man City? (You’ve seen the hair-update, right?)
The sexy Robbie Savage gets hit in the head with footballs. A lot.
Gigi Buffon and Alena look airbrushed to even more perfection than they already are. (Second shot)
What’s the deal with Freddie Ljungberg not showing up for training?
Manchester United are appealing Rio Ferdinand’s violent conduct charge. Much more interesting: a pic of Rebecca and baby Tate!
Nisty is unveiled at Hamburg.

The Split: Sergio “Kun” Aguero and Giannina Maradona



All is not well with our favorite family with the full heads of hair.*

It looks as though Sergio “Kun” Aguero and Giannina Maradona are no longer dwelling together in their Madrid McMansion and media speculation reports they haven’t been for quite awhile.

Confudido? We are too. Here’s a quick refresher:


Lazy Links & Randoms


We don’t feature enough of the sexy Alessandro Nesta, do we? Here he is at La Torretta Sport awards in Sesto San Giovanni. Image via Getty.

Andrey Arshavin’s gal wants a £5 million wedding? Hell to the yeah.

Dimitar Berbatov: serious drama up in his household. Yikes.

Jordan and Jermain Defoe? Guess it was time. Or, perhaps not. There’s also this chick.

Did Clarence Seedorf hook up with George Clooney’s gal?

Looks like Jamie O’Hara’s making an honest woman of Danielle Lloyd. It’s truly the end of an era, Kickettes.

Sylvie van der Vaart celebrates the successful end of her chemotherapy with a party.

We hear rumours that Gary and Emma Neville are expecting their second baby, due in March… congrats!

Arsenal’s Gael Clichy has a pretty spiffy mobile phone set up.

Behind the scenes at our new obsession’s photo shoot for DiR.

Baby Bojan, is that you?

Ronaldo’s wizard is giving us the itchies.

The World Cup draw is looming. We need a double dose of Rescue Remedy to hang on until Wednesday.

thx SB and Z!

Whispers: Who’s Been a Naughty Manager?


More like nasty, by the sounds of this gossip from the fabu popbitch:

Football gossips are passing around the rumour that which manager is on borrowed time at his club after getting the chairman’s daughter pregnant? He’d already fallen out with one of his star players over the girl, when he discovered the star was getting his end away with his young mistress as well.

Now, we can’t tell you who it is (as we like our lives outside of courtrooms/jail cells), but a little creative google searching will help you find the name most message boards are buzzing about.