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Christine Bleakley: Welcome to the Club


Christine Bleakley in May2009Other than the ghost of Banquo Frank Lampard appearing behind her after a late-night boozefest at Whisky Mist, we’ve not had any formal proof that Frank Lampard is dating presenter Christine Bleakley.

However, over the last few weeks, many “sightings” of the couple have taken place and “sources” have come forward with details of such events.

Let’s see what’s really going on, shall we?

Two short quotes should sum things up nicely:


The Hook Up: Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Fleming


Nicky BCaroline Fleming

Have you heard? We first discovered the news about our favourite Party Boy’s new love last week. We’ve compiled a few fascinating and entertaining details and thought we’d share with you in compact bullet-point form.


The Coles: Fighting… For Their Love?


Cheryl Cole
Apologies for the title… we couldn’t help ourselves.

Much has been made of Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage in the press of late. Did Cheryl ever really get over the sick-making extra curriculars? Would Cheryl really decide not to wear her wedding ring because it “clashed” with her outfit? And most importantly, does anyone care?

Many, many questions.

But judging by this pic of the two out at the Children in Need concert, we think it’s time for a little photo analysis:

Image via Rex Features


The Hook Up: Miguel Torres and Patricia Conde?


Miguel TorresSorry. Of all the photos to choose, we picked the lollipop one. We fail.
There might just be a Kickette brawl, folks. This morning our Spanish amigas from Poprosa alerted us to cougar-on-the-Migi-prowl Patricia Conde and her advances towards our coveted pillow lips. He’s 23 – she’s 30.

Rumour has it, after being introduced recently by Iker “the evil matchmaker” Casillas, they went shopping (sob) and to the movies.

Until we have photo proof, we’re going to postpone our talking-to with Senior Casillas, but mark our words, he will get a severe dressing-down from us in some way, shape or form. (If you’re thinking it will involve nudity, you’re spot on.)

However, we’ve also learned that Migi has that bad streak in him we always knew (hoped) he could muster up. Gossip sources say (in Spanish, natch) Patricia and Miguel got it on prior to her relationship with Dani Martin being kaputz.

Betcha also didn’t know he once dated two former teammates rumored loves: Ariatne Artiles (Iker) and Marisa Gómez-Sandoval (Cristiano). Get on with your bad self, Miguel! Nonetheless, if the rumours do prove true, we hope his Whopper Juniors go straight to her thighs.

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