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Baby News: Kehl, Carrick and Alonso


Seb Kehl and his cute selfWhat’s happening in the ever-fertile area of ‘ballers making babies? Here are some quick confirmed and half-confirmed updates:

Thigh-Off fave Sebastian Kehl has become a father for the 2nd time. His son, Luis, now has a little sister named Leni. Mum and baby are doing fine.

A little birdie has told us that Michael Carrick’s wife, Lisa is pregnant again – she’s about 3 months along… nothing has been formally confirmed yet – so, please, take this news with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila, natch). We’ll update as/if we learn more.

Anyone else hearing rumours that Xabi Alonso’s wife Nagore is also preggers? The Spanish media, who are usually all over this type of news, has yet to give up any deets. We’re assuming this is either because a) She ain’t pregnant b) She’s too early along to report/ they’re keeping quiet about the news.

Update: We’ve heard it’s on: Nagore is 4 or 5 months pregnant. We’ll keep you posted.

Congrats to everyone.

Thanks Z!

D&G 2006 Ads: They Had To Shrink Someone -UPDATED


One of these boys is not like the other

Believe it, Kickettes. You are not dreaming. Word has reached us that after Dolce & Gabbana shot their infamous 2006 campaign with the Italian National Team some extra photoshop work had to be done in post-production.

What kind of photoshop re-touching, you ask? Contrary to what you may assume (that the graphic design fairies needed to bump up the shorts of someone not quite up to scratch), it’s quite the opposite.

They had to shrink someone’s package.


Good Week/Bad Week: Models and Music


Yoann Gourcuff

Yoann Gourcuff visits a children’s hospital in Ploemeur (good) but his leather jacket looks like pleather (bad). But he’s hot. Thus, his placement within the good week section.


Bitchfaces and cut-eyes
King of the side-eye, David Villa brought a new twist to his usual gaze of steel: the condescending shoulder tap. Poor Iker doesn’t stand a chance. Even more impressive is this cold steel look of utter (sexy) disgust given by Roy Keane when asked a question he very clearly doesn’t like. Delicious.

Nicolas Anelka decides his thighs need extra ventilation. Who are we to argue?

New England Revolution’s Taylor Twellman poses for his Cosmopolitan magazine Bachelor of the Year segment; Luca Toni shows some clothes with his gal Marta (why does she look like she’s been to Nicole Kidman’s derm?) and Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to be taking over from David Beckham as the new face of Armani. (Really? Gucci would make more sense, no? We’ll believe this one when we see it.)


The Hook Up: Iker Casillas and Some Chick


Iker Casillas and Ana Handholder

Photo via Hola! / Europa

Okay, that’s not really fair. She’s not just “some chick”. She’s obviously “some chick that Iker Casillas is happy to be publically photographed holding hands with and kissing.” Our twitchy jealous fingers are taking control of the keyboard.

Her name is Ana Isabel (which, by the by, is actually Kickette-short for Ana Isabel Medinabeitia Domínguez), she works as a marketing director for a bank and apparently she’s been on the scene since the summer. Last week, Spanish tabs spotted Iker dining with Ana in Madrid’s city center. As you can see by the above photo, they strolled hand-in-hand to the car afterwards.

Whew. That’s some heavy duty journalistic reportage right there. Thanks Diez Minutos. Also: she carries the LV Speedy 30. That’s some heavy duty journalistic reportage right there from us.

Alas, we digress.


Good Week/Bad Week: Bills, Booty and B-Days


Michael BallackGOOD WEEK

The Golden Age
Hats off to Francesco Totti and Michael Ballack for celebrating their 33rd birthdays last week. We’ll cheers to the three decades of computer-melting mancandy material they’ve supplied us with. You know, like this. And this. And also this – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
This photo-retouching program is barely seven days old but it’s already proving to be high-value. Just check out these Nereida Gallardo images (potentially NsoSFW) for proof. Unfortunately, Photoshop can’t alter one’s human form but we’re certain Nereida’s already sent a request to the programmers for future consideration.