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Iker Casillas: Beard Psychology


Iker. The Beard. In Profile.The next step

Well, it’s probably about time that we addressed this issue: Iker Casillas’s beard.

We’ve found ourselves becoming increasingly concerned with the psychological aspects of the situation.

castawayJust what in the hell causes a man to just let nature’s follicles take their course and to grow unfettered, without shaving foam nor cream?

We all remember David Beckham’s horror show. Xabi Alonso nearly reached these levels a few months ago.

What’s the common denominator? Mental anguish over their career/club/life? Being too damn attractive and needing to take a hot-break? Is our long-time F5 numero uno undergoing some sort of life crisis?

Iker Casillas and his beardSo many questions.

We reached out to some of the men in our lives to get their take on what’s really going on when a man just can’t be bothered:


Freddie Ljungberg: Paper Boy


Freddie Ljungberg in London

Freddie Ljungberg (Seattle Sounders) leaves the Mayfair hotel in London this weekend, as rumours continue to swirl about a potential return to the Premier League.

Baby Mama Drama: Christoph Metzelder


Christoph Metzelder and Novak Djokovic

Real Madrid’s Christoph Metzelder and tennis pro Novak Djokovic at an event in June 2006.

It’s not going to be an easy day for Christoph Metzelder’s girlfriend, Marie Wellman. News has broken that Christoph is going to become a father. For the first time. With a woman that isn’t Marie.

There’s nothing like being in the early, loved-up, I am happy to breathe your second-hand air stages of a relationship and getting news like this. It’s almost as bad as discovering the man you’re in love with has never heard of Prada.



Proud Papa: Victor Valdes


Congratulations are in order for Victor Valdes,  who celebrated the birth of his first son, Dylan, yesterday. Granted paternity leave by Barcelona,  he skipped yesterday’s practice witness the birth at Dexeus Hospital. Dylan weighed in at 3 kilos and is said to be healthy and doing well.

Does this feel a tad Ricky Martin to you? Well, it’s not quite like that, but all of the Spanish pubs are reporting that Vic was by his *partner’s* side during the birth. Not “wife”. Not “girlfriend”. Straight up baby mama.  ’Tis sadly as we suspected. But who is she?

Yolanda Cardona.

If you Google Image her name there are a plethora of possibilities ranging from halloween-costume-scary to there-goes-my-lunch. We want to believe he would choose a pretty model-gal like this one, but rumours combined with our stalkerish sixth sense say it’s more like the NSFW/possibly-an adult-entertainer one. At least that would explain why he kept her under wraps for so long.

His son’s birth rounds out a stellar season for Valdes who completed the first-ever Spanish treble and was named to our Elite Eleven Squad (to equal fanfare and dismay). We’re convinced he’d name the latter as his proudest achievement to date.


Lazy Links & Randoms



Theo Walcott was spotted leaving a tattoo parlour with his girlfriend Melanie Slade. He’s, like so badass.

Claire Merry has a new man – Leo Ihenacho from the band The Streets. In unrelated but joint-linked news, Elen Rives has bad taste in bathing suits.

Congrats to Johan Djourou – his girlfriend Emilie is 5 month’s pregnant!

Jennifer Metcalfe explains why she broke up with Jermaine Pennant: “… as a couple we never got anything done. We were just like idiots.”

So, this Galaxy fan looks… friendly. Speaking of the Galaxy, Landon Donovan has split up with his wife.

What’s David James up to? He was spotted out with a new gal (and his kids) but he has a long-term girlfriend. Perhaps they’re just mates. That kiss each other.

Loic Perrin: he plays for Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1 and he gives good three-quarter profile.

Katie Price has her sights set on Frank Lampard. Run Frankie! [via The Spoiler]