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Germany U21’s take home the big prize after yesterday’s trouncing of the lovely England lads.  Join in their celebratory round of applause, they deserve it. Now let’s all get drunk. Oh, and check out video of all the goals here.

Do any of our readers follow the K-Leagues? They’re going through footie wedding season too.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones that struggled to get anything decent out of Adrian Mutu in a Q&A setting. Way to make an effort, mate!

It’s only Tuesday. Let’s make it better for you – check out the top ten hotties of the Confederations Cup.

Speaking of the Confed Cup, the Vuvuzela disease is spreading and Fernando Torres is the carrier.

Don’t look directly at the sandals and everything will be okay.

Is the transfer talk making you insane yet? Andrey Arshavin and Barcelona? Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid? Michael Ballack to Hamburg? Please, someone put us out of our misery and start the season already.

Get your library cards up to date, Kickettes. The first excerpt from the all-singing-all-slamming book about David Beckham in the MLS is out, and it’s juicy bitchy. (You can pre-order here, the book is on sale from July 14th.)

Baller Soap Operas: Sergio Aguera and Gianinna Maradona – UPDATED




The hoochie in the club/chica in question has been ID’d as Luisana Varacalli. Something about Luisana’s winning personality has left most in the media unsure about whether she’s an attention seeking story-teller or if her take on the matter is kosher, but here it is:

- Luisana says she had sex with Sergio at the club behind a partition and then headed back to his hotel at 7am for more… sharing and special time together.

- According to her, Kun is a “timid, simple and humble” boy. In the same breath, she labels him as a ten in the sack and a very good kisser.

- Luisana also busts Kun by saying that she’s not the vixen coming between them because he considers himself “practically single”.

image- Doesn’t everyone look happy at the baptism for little Benji? Apparently the proceedings were very tense. Can’t think why. Gossip reports say that both Maradona Sr and Maradona daughter are furious about the whole situ and decided to put on the baptism to save face.  Not been confirmed, but it’s a nice juicy detail nonetheless. No word on who styled the baby’s hair for the event.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop. Most likely into some kind of restraining order.

Catch up on the original story below. READ MORE

Lazy Links & Randoms



Kaka embraces Julio Cesar in celebration after Brazil squeeze through to the finals of the Confederations Cup with a 1-0 win over South Africa.

Julio’s fine form in base layers almost makes us accept under armour. Almost. Okay, we still hate them and wish they would die. Congrats Brazil!

People Magazine make an attempt at USMNT footie coverage. They picked some good ‘uns, at least.

The Beckhams have been holidaying in France. Victoria’s “new” boobs still look like her old ones to us.

Alex Gerrard continues to look fantastic on her family vacation in Spain.

New Manchester City signing, Roque Santa Cruz, is a ping pong master. Who knew?

Someone in the PL has been a naughty, injury-hiding boy. Who could it be?

Iker Casillas gets teary in public. Again. Seriously, we’re all for men being in touch with their emotions and all, but come on baby. Be a strong little keeper solider now.

Lazy Links & Randoms



Cesc Fabregas tends to Iker Casillas’s migrane, which was induced by the vision of his 3-in-1 haircut. Spain play USA today in the Confed Cup semis. Good luck to both sides!

Are Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch on Twitter? All signs point to… probably not. But, you never know.

We know where Crouchie is for certain, though – in Sardinia, with girlfriend Abbey Clancy.

Real talk gangsta ish is going down for Liverpool reserve keeper Nikolay Mihailov. They threw acid on his Ferarri. Serious biz-niz.

Kaka loves the Backstreet Boys. Don’t judge, you know you do too. Kevin. We still would.

Newcastle’s away kit keeps it cheery and sunshiney and fugly. In other good news, they’re bringing the story of their season’s struggles to the stage. Yay?

Anyone else hearing whispers that Xabi Alonso is tying the knot next month? We need to know more. In other Liverpool player yak, is anyone’s baby-sensor tingling? We feel a Fernando bubba is imminent.

Tottenham cuteness Vedran Corluka is getting married, but being very elusive on details: he says it will be a Saturday in June. This year? Next year? Btw, he has g/f Iva’s name and D.O.B. tattooed on his wrist.

Frank Lampard does Vegas like only a single footballer can. With a whole ‘lotta wagabees and some suntan oil.

Finally, don’t forget to grab this week’s OK! magazine for all the lush pics from Wes Brown’s recent wedding.

Hook Up: Yoann Gourcuff and Marie Steiss



It must have been that in a former life we were the type to wear flat shoes. And now we’re being punished.

We’ve been in New York City for 48 hours and have already had our hearts broken by the news that our finest five number 3 footballer, Yoann Gourcuff, is also in our favourite city. And he’s making kissy faces with his new girlfriend, model Marie Steiss. We’ve almost lost the will to stalk, dear readers.

Marie is no ordinary model either. Aside from being French (which automatically makes her at least 48% more chic than the rest of us), she is the daughter of Dominique de Villepin, the former French Prime Minister. One would have to assume she’s well-educated, cultured and nice to sit next to at a dinner party.  Marie’s the real deal model-type too, doing catwalks and campaigns for Krizia and Givenchy.

Let us take a moment of silence to reflect on happier moments while we deal with this very challenging time.

thanks D!