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Elen Rives: Cheque, Please!



Frank Lampard and Elen Rives. Let’s check in with how the monetary loose ends are being settled, shall we?

Although they spent seven poorly-dressed years together, t’would seem Elen has taken Frank to the Royal Dry Cleaners. Citing two reported infidelities, recent reports have Frank set to pay Elen 14 million euros as part of their non-divorce-they-were- never-gonna-make-it-down-the-altar- anyway settlement. What happens in Vegas never, ever seems to stays there.

Still: 14 million seems a little high and ridic, no?

Elen was said to be publicly humiliated by the tabs’ reports of Frank’s wandering eye but we think a) this photo b) this entire situation and c) and again, another photo might be the real root of the cause of Frank’s desire to end things.  He has sorted out a £2.8 million flat for her and the kids though.

“Sources” say the couple grew increasingly distant and things were never right between them after Frank’s mum, Pat, died. Frank’s rep, however, denied foul play and reiterated no third party was involved in the split.

So, who’s the real winner in all of this?


Side note: We feel compelled to mention that this story has yet to be picked up by the British tabloids. Even more curious, is that it comes from a fairly reliable source that tends to err on the side of pro/friendly-celebrity stories… so interesting that this one made it through the net.

Pato and Sthefany: Rush to the Altar



Image via Zimbio

Looks like Pato and Sthefany are about to set a wedding preparation world record.

The couple will marry July 7, 2009, effectively crushing girls, webcam manufacturers and wagabee hearts worldwide. The pair may have only recently announced their engagement (Pato proposed in front of Sthef’s parents), but Sthef leaves Sao Paolo today to meet up with her future hubby in Milan to hammer out the final wedding day deets. Who the hell can arrange a wedding in less than two months?

Important to note: she hasn’t picked out her wedding gown yet.

Or… has she?


Noemie Lenoir: On the Carpet at Cannes



Image via Celebutopia

It’s the end of the season. We’re severely depressed. Why fight it? Let’s look at Noemie Lenoir wearing turquoise satin and making it look effortlessly chic. Yeah, that will make us feel better.

Btw, we’ve been hearing rumours that Noemie and her man, Claude Makelele have split up. Apparently she’s been seen in New York with an “unidentified”; man, walking with his arm around her. Of course, this could have been anyone, from a relative to her hairdresser, but we sense something is up…


Dating: Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen



The Dutch tabloids have been all in a tizzy about Real Madrid’s Wesley Sneijder hooking up with model Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. Rumours have been flying of late, but no one was able to drum up any substantial details about the couple.

Until… a handy dandy little security camera caught them in Amsterdam having a full blown early stage relationship make out sesh. (Watch the video here.)

Wes and Yol were busted in a car park, which they arrived at in Yolanthe’s long-term (ex?) boyfriend, Jan Smit’s car. (Jan’s a famous Dutch singer.) 

Jan and Yolanthe have since confirmed via a “jointly written” press release that they are no longer an item.

Alrighty. So, what do we need to know about the lady with the longest name in WAG history?


Lazy Links & Randoms



Image via RealMadrid.com

Here’s a very lush looking Javi Garcia and his buddy Sergio Ramos in a golf cart. They were with a range of hotties on charity duty for the Apascovi Foundation.

Aitor Ocio. No shirt. Video. Yeah, just go there now.

Frank Lampard spends the night boozing it up at Raffles. So does Saskia Boxford. Interesting. Or, not at all.

Lots of photos from Cup Wednesday.

The Liverpool Legends came out on top at the Hillsborough Memorial Game. In other Liverpool news, Xabi Alonso and his ginger beard play golf -footy with Pepe Reina.

Bollocks. The heavily anticipated All Stars for Hope Charity Match in New York this summer has been cancelled.

Fabio Cannavaro’s villa is seized by authorities over “swimming pool irregularities” or something ridic. You know they really just wanted to get in and smell his pillows.