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Elen and Abbey at the Fifi Awards



Elen Rives and Abbey Clancy hit up the Fragrance Awards at the Dorchester hotel last night. The big news? Well, there is none.

Except for Elen’s bizarre mini-breakdown where she decided to open up to the paparazzi/media and discuss how hard it is for her to watch “heartless” Frank Lampard out on the dating scene. She says she wishes they could be together.

Rather than go into analysis over why Elen would choose to discuss something so private so publicly, we’d rather address the meaning behind the outburst. When the story of Frank and Elen’s split first broke, the tabloids all took the stance that Elen was the one who called off the seven-year relationship.

We had heard news to the contrary. This outburst sure seems to back up the insider gossip that it was Frank who ended things. 

Ugh. Relationships.

One thing is certain though: Elen is looking fantastic lately.  Do you think Frank will notice?  And do you think this public statement of her feelings will turn his head?

Also: please, Kickettes. If you learn one thing from this entire situation, it’s to never, ever, drink alcohol and then have an impromptu press conference. No matter how cute you’re looking on the night.

imageFYI: for those emailing us about Elen’s killer shoes from the Bungalow 8 event, you can pick ‘em up here.

Frank Lampard: Calling all Single Ladies



A few of the Chelsea boys have been seen out at the London clubs this week: Michael Essien and Didier Drogba headed to Funky Buddha on Tuesday night, and Frank Lampard hit up Boujis. 

Earlier that eve, Frank had gone for dinner with his dad, Petr Cech and Henrique Hilario.  As we tweeted yesterday, reports say a “mystery” brunette was also in attendance. 

FYI, John Terry had din-dins separately at Zuma with his wife Toni, and Frank’s ex, Elen Rives.

Interesting. But we’re more concerned about what happened afterward at Boujis:

For those unfamiliar with this London hangout, the bar closes at 3am.  Frank exits the club (through the back door) at 4am.

What was going on for an hour in there? Did he have a large champagne tab to settle? Was he trying to clean yet another unidentified stain off his trousers? Did he have a few overseas calls to make and took advantage of the early morning time difference?

We can’t say. Lampsy is quite an enigma that way.

What we do know, is that there was an interesting assortment of ladies making their way out a different exit of the club five minutes before Frank left. This small gaggle of girls were not terribly thrilled to have their photo taken.

Granted, this may be meaningless. In fact, we suspect one of them may have been on the bar staff. But still. Frank was not in that club alone.

In summary, we have no idea what went on in there.  But regardless, we would like to give this unsolicited advice to the single ladies out there who love Frank Lampard: get yourself to London post-haste. And bring your best micro-mini.


Lazy Links & Randoms



Gigi Buffon introduces his very willing son to a large dog whilst on a day out in Portofino. April 13, 2009.

A life-sized chocolate model of David Beckham broke before it could be unveiled to the public.  Said the devastated owner: “We spent two months putting it together. It’s heartbreaking to have an injury at the last minute.”

Speaking of Becks, these photos of him rough housing with his boys are so very delish.  So too is this statement: “Wonder if Posh rolls around the grass with them in her stilettos too? She claims she lets them kick soccer balls at her head. If only there was video.“

Last one: Victoria Beckham wants to buy an historic castle in Milan. The particular appeal of this castle vs any others? Apparently it strictly complies with Feng Shui principles.

We rarely mention Danielle Bux and Gary Lineker because, well, they bore us to tears. But Danielle has made a rather interesting move of late: she’s banned WAGs from their upcoming wedding. Righty-ho. That’s solved any potential problems, then.

Real Madrid’s Guti has divorced his wife, Arancha. The pair were married in 1999, filed for divorce in 2003, changed their minds, worked things out, spent the summer of ‘06 in Ibiza together with the kids, Zaira and Aichor, and endured the Guti Man Snog of 2008. When Guti was seen out and about in Qatar last month with mate Michel Salgado, his wifey Malula and a new, unidentified gal pal, it was his first official “free man” trip; Arancha had just signed the divorce papers.

What’s Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott) been doing lately? Oh, so many things. Like getting her teeth professionally bleached. You missed that news somehow?

Skankocity: The Study Continues



Note: This post originally appeared in 2007. Due to the continued and non-stop dating actions of several individuals, it was necessary for an update.  You may want to purchase a condom before reading any further.

Have you heard? Danielle Lloyd is dating a Tottenham player. Her third, in case you’re counting.

You know what that means.  It’s time for a Six Degrees of Skanocity 2009 update:

Update, April 2009

9. Chantelle Houghton, a reality TV “star” of D-list (and D-cup) proportions, worked her weave off trying to hook up with Jermain Defoe, and the hard graft paid off. The pair dated for a few months before Jermain cheated on Chantelle.  Never mind that Chantelle broke the cardinal rule of dating her friend, Danielle’s, ex-boyfriend, she was still shocked and heartbroken.

Chantell did learn a lot about love though. At the end of her relationship with Jermain, she declared: Expensive shoes don’t make you happy, they really don’t.

WTF? There’s no helping some people.


Lazy Links and Randoms


imageAccording to this somewhat reliable Spanish source, Fernando Torres and Olalla Dominguez are having a baby girl. Fernando has also confirmed this via his Facebook page. 

Olalla is due in July, so that still leaves enough time to submit your baby name suggestions. We’re requesting that they consider calling her “Nandette”.  No? Okay, how about “Kickalla”? In any case, we’re going to hazard a guess that their bubba will be cuter than this.  Maybe.

Steven Ireland has defended his tricked out Range Rover - you know the one with the pink interior and matching rims? He blames the girlfriend.

Here’s a debate on the best young goalkeepers of 2009. 22-year-old Manuel “ducky” Neuer is at the top of the list.

Can you imagine a day in the life of David Beckham? It’s non-stop karate chopping of ladies on the make – from cleavage-filled dinners in Italy to getting hit on whilst driving - the ladies love DB.

imageIn other baby news, it looks like Ana Ivanovic’s baby bump is coming along nicely.  Also, don’t stare directly at little Luka Vidic. He’ll cause your lady parts to take actions you may not yet be ready for.

Another EPL player has been burgled – this time it’s Middlesbrough’s Afonso Alves. He lost about £50,000 worth of his belongings, including jewellery, computers and his passport.

In incredibly sad news, Atletico Madrid star Simao Sabrosa’s 4-year-old nephew was swept out to sea while on vacation in Matosinhos and has not yet been recovered.