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imageThe sexy-as Marco Borriello, who you may remember blamed his girlfriend’s STD cream on his failure to pass a drugs screening, is single-ish. We hear he’s started dating Melissa Satta, who previously dated Cristian Vieri.  It’s like the Serie A version of Gossip Girl, y’all!

As we know, Carlos Bocanegra recently was awarded the number 6 spot on E! channel’s sexiest sportsmen show, and it looks like Rennes supporters agree.

They’ve voted him as the Sexiest Player on the team – a vote that was held by the Rennes Official website.  They dub him “The Made-in-USA Latin Playboy“.  It’s like Ligue 1 is sanctioning and supporting the Kickette mentality!

We’re full of exclamation marks today! Because it’s Friday! And we may or may not have already started drinking!

Sadly, for some, Friday is not a day for celebration, but a day of rage.  Like Artur Boruc. He’s having some anger management issues around crying goalkeepers (looking at you, Iker), and Robin Van Persie’s diet choices.

Californians are going to get a treat this summer: Inter Milan will be playing Chelsea in a San-Francisco friendly in July. There’s some dispute about the official dates, but it looks like Inter will also be making a trip to Boston as well.  Throw in the MLS All-Star game that same month, and it’s a great time for US-based readers to get their stalking knickers on.

imageWill David Villa go to Barcelona now that his people have stated Manchester City isn’t an option? Perhaps he felt his quality side-eye/soul patch wouldn’t be fully appreciated in the EPL.  We beg to differ. Rio Ferdinand, for one, is ready to take you on in a bitchface-off. Anytime, anywhere.

Football club branded condoms. It’s what we’ve always dreamed of, and now it’s come to life. As a nightmare.

Oh, hi Xisco! Your vacations sure look ahelluva lot more interesting than ours. We’re proud that you’re proud.

Finally, here’s a link to watch the always lovely Owen Hargreaves talk about the doctor who worked magic on his knee injury.

Thx Shannon, DG!


Was Ashley Cole Set Up?



A very purr-worthy piece of gossip just popped in our inbox, courtesy of the delightful scamps at over at Popbitch.

First, a quick bit of background for those who need it: after a recent charity event with Chelsea, a rather sloshed Ashley Cole was photographed at a nightclub talking to a “mystery” blond.  Cut to some pushy-shovey-shouty scene involving the paparazzi, and Ashley being led off in handcuffs. 

This happened at the same time as his wife, Cheryl, was climbing Mount Kilamanjaro for the Comic Relief charity. She probably wasn’t even wearing lipstick at the time, poor lass.

However, things suddenly aren’t looking so cut and dry.  Talk is spreading amongst insiders that this “mystery” skeeve/skank/wagabee was allegedly hired by the tabloids (who had already been following Ashley closely with their cameras poised for potential misbehaviour while his wife was away.)

The current theory in one newsroom is that the “mystery blonde” was in the employ of the tabloid… And, the Sun’s showbiz editor, Gordon Smart, was supposed [to have been] on the Comic Relief trip – and only a family bereavement stopped him from being on hand for the exclusive on Cheryl’s reaction after Ashley’s arrest.

Was Ashley set up? Sure, he shouldn’t have had much to say to the random chica other than, “I’m married, luv, piss off now”, but it certainly offers up another possibility as to why he reacted the way he did when the flashbulbs started popping. 

Welcome to the Club: Saskia Boxford



Saskia Boxford in Paris, March 2009. Image via ZUMAPRESS/KEYSTONE Press

At first glance she does look like she may have more fashion sense than Elen Rives. But is that enough to win your approval?

We’re talking about Saskia Boxford, the lady currently making her way through the hallowed halls of Wagdom via Chelsea’s hottest bachelor, Frank Lampard. 

Not a lot to go on, but here are the basics: she’s the 23-year-old daughter of a financier and she works for the accessories company Kara Ross.

The good news: she has her own money and she is employed.

The bad news: she’s well-bred enough to be the marrying kind. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Frank and Saskia have been seen together tons of times in the last week – dinner at Koi and La Famiglia, drinks at Raffles, Boujis and The Pig’s Ear pub, afters (always) at her flat. Sounds like they’re in the romantic, lovingly tender early stages of a relationship: ie, shagging like angry rabbits.

Side note: Saskia’s been quoted as saying, “Hip hop music turns me into a ghetto slag.“ 

Is it Friday yet?

Link: Frank Lampard Scores with Brunette

EDIT: Remember, Kickettes, take everything you read in the tabloids with a grain of salt. Frank and Elen have been split for several months already.

Frank Lampard and Elen Rives End Relationship


We’re hearing that Chelsea’s Frank Lampard has broken up with his long-time fiancee, Elen Rives. The pair have been dating for seven years and have two adorable children with equally adorable names together.  So far, “sources” close to the couple are saying the two have been heading this way for some time, and that they’ve amicably decided to go their seperate ways.

Lampsy back on the market? It’s about to get crazy, Kickettes.

More news to come as we find it.

EDIT: This has been confirmed to us. We’ll have all the details we can bribe on Monday.



Life and Love Files: Iker Casillas




Think we’re in need of a little Iker Casillas bulleted-list life update, don’t you? Here we go:

- Iker has admitted he’s not a fan of the “Saint Iker” nickname given to him by his many fan boys and girls. Whatever, mate. It’s either that, or “Ikerette”.  Pick one and stop complaining.

- Since splitting with long-term girlfriend Eva Gonzalez, our Finest Five number 1 hasn’t hesitated to “put it out there”. First, this chick. Now, this other one. 

- Okay, okay, the new girl has a name: Sharay Abellan Colas. She’s a journalista. A few weeks ago, Iker was photographed giving her piggy back rides and kissing her. In public. (Warning, the Iker/Sharay video includes slow motion and music to further emphasis the hook up). 

- Don’t worry. We have hit women stationed outside her nail shop that will make short work of this little problem.

- But wait. Perhaps there is no problem to fix.  There have also been rumours about Iker hooking up with model Marisa Jara shortly before the piggyback incident of ‘09.

- Strangely, rather than having this news tattooed across her breastplate, Marisa is publicly stating that nothing is going on between the two of them. You know what that means? One night stand/booty call/early morning walk of shame/no returned phone calls.

- Stalkers, if there was ever a time to move to Madrid and make like a groupie, this might be it. Iker is ready for you.

- Back to footy.  Iker has just equalled the record for appearances for Real Madrid: 454. 

- He’s also gearing up for the Spain v England match on Wednesday. Will you be watching the game? Our loyalty is, of course, to England, but we have happily succumbed to the power of a sizzling Spanish side in the past.

- As you can imagine, we are beside ourselves with excitement and will be taking notes for a new line of football erotic fiction we’re working on. 

- Finally, as an FYI the above photo was taken during Iker’s current product shill for Groupama insurance. You’ve seen the ads already. We have no confirmation on the why/what/whens of the blazer.

video via ONTD Football