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Is Luca Toni Cheating on his Girlfriend?



imageJust a few months ago, Luca Toni’s long-time girlfriend, Marta, was openly chatting to the media about her relationship with the Bayern Munich Italian goof-ball of good hair and lengthy limbs.  Now, she’s dealing with national news stories in Italy and Germany about an alleged relationship Luca has been having with model Sandy Meyer Woelden.

Sandy is famous not only for her side-boob, but also for dating tennis star Boris Becker.

FYI, Boris dumped her via text message.  But don’t feel too sorry for her, she looks like the type to always land on her feet.

Apparently, Sandy and Luca shared a romantic dinner together at Hugos in Monaco di Bavaria and departed to a hotel nearby afterwards; other reports have it that they were “doing the rounds” at all the popular Bayern player hangouts.  The final straw of proof for the tabloids was when Luca attended a show where Sandy was modelling and “his eyes were like lightning” when he looked at her.

Hmmm. Oh, and he also made some sort of gesture with his tie that was construed as a love signal.

However, one reporter covering the story is now saying that Luca and Sandy are just close friends and that this is much ado about nothing. 

Luca has denied any romantic involvement with Sandy.

Side note: are you secure enough to have a woman like this as one of your boyfriend’s “hang out” buddies?  We can safely say that in our world, this type of “friend” would be introduced to a swift kick in the shins and handed a schedule for the local train service.

thanks to taru and amelie!

Quick Hits: Babies, Boobies and Bedtimes


imageAlex Gerrard is advising girls to wait until they’re older before getting a boob job. (Alex went under the knife at eighteen.) Her reasons for waiting? Because “your body changes so much after you have kids,“ and, much more importantly,“it can be harder to find clothes to fit you, so think long and hard before you do it.“

Two minutes in, and already Andrei Arshavin is making women nationwide swoon with his statements of equality. Apparently, he’s stated that all women should have their driving licenses revoked.  Oh, dear. When will the cute and pocket-sized learn to sit inside their little Louis Vuitton carrier bags and stay quiet until we let them out for a treat and a run around the park? Never mind we’ll just watch him warble a little bit on the karaoke machine and all will be well again.

Abigail Clancy is ready to have lots of little Crouchies running around. Friends say Abbey thinks she can juggle her career with a child because she has great family support and her relationship with Portsmouth’s Peter Crouch is rock solid. They’ve already chosen a name if they have a baby girl: Perdita. Yup, it’s the dog from 101 Dalmations. 

Finally, something that makes sense about the Fernando Torres infomercial ride of shame: it’s all a hoax. As one of our astute commenters, Jesús, let us know yesterday, the hair salon, doggie jumping and tennis advertisement vids are all part of a campaign for a Spanish bank. We’re seriously impressed with Nando’s sense of humour. But a little deflated that he’s not actually this adorkable.

It’s a topic near and dear to our hearts: ballers at bedtime. What thoughts run through their minds while they toss and turn in their money-filled beds, with nothing but a pair of designer tightie-whities on? Sometimes it’s best not to know.

Lazy Links and Randoms



Grab a hold of your special-occasion knickers and book a flight to Bordeaux: giraffe-lashed Yoann Gourcuff is single. And he sure doesn’t look happy about it, either.

Stereophonics front man Kelly Jones spills the beans on Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s wedding: stacks of lager, no celeb turnout.

Facial hair as measure of on-pitch success? An interesting case against Keano’s beard. Continuing on a similar theme, this gallery of fake baller moustaches is surprisingly amusing - JT and Lampsy? Best. Pic. Ever.

First, La Liga is hit with allegations of game fixing, now the Italian leagues have a third-division player and part-time rent boy threatening to expose 12 top flight players who’ve hired him. Scandale!

A camera man develops a man-crush on David Beckham during his New Zealand welcome. Back of the queue, mate. Becks lust is old news.

Question: does Alex Gerrard’s BFF Kelly have a slightly odd grin? And by slightly odd, we mean terrifying.

Lazy Links & Randoms




Injury hasn’t affected Michael Ballack’s snark-bone. German NT watchers, do you agree with his opinions on Joachim Loew?

Live the footy life, virtually at least.

Gordon Strachan says Wayne Rooney is completely unplayable.

Looks like David Beckham will be training with AC Milan this winter. Let’s hope he gets over there before Paolo Maldini officially retires *sob* so we can enjoy the well-aged pitch hotness.

Speaking of Mr. Maldini, there’s a buzz of gossip in Italy over photos of he and model Michelle Hunziker sharing a kiss. But really, does this look even remotely untoward?

Champions League highlights for those that missed ‘em. Wuv you Cesc!

Who’s the best-dressed DC United player? Frankly, we couldn’t care less, but it’s always nice to see sexy Santino Quaranta in promo mode.

Need more Nando-modelling porn? Close the door and check out the videos from his El Corte Ingles photoshoot.

And finally, a very happy belated b-day to our favourite rough-and-ready baller, Nemanja Vidic, who turned 27 yesterday.

Friday Chit Chat


imageHappy Friday, all!  Let’s indulge in a little pre-weekend gossip, shall we?

First up, an entertaining story about soon-to-be Sunderland’s Anton Ferdinand. It comes via our favourite tattletale, popbitch:

When asked last year by the West Ham programme to name his most treasured possession, Anton Ferdinand identified, “The picture that Michael Jordan signed, saying it was a privilege to meet me.“

Random: Anton was recently seen partying it up with Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps in London. No word on whether Anton gave Michael any confidence building tips.

Moving on. 

We rarely publish “blind” items on Kickette because they tend to generate high levels of hysteria and mental anguish for our readers, but these recent ones from the Daily Mirror are far too much fun not to offer up for speculation:

Which Premiership footballer is dating a woman 15 years his senior… behind his young wife’s back?


Which supposedly clean-cut Wag has a white powder habit she can’t shake? She’s forever nipping into the ladies on nights out for a quick fix…

Any ideas, Kickettes?