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Exclusive: Gemma Atkinson Dating Marcus Bent? -Updated


You read it here first, Kickettes.

Last Sunday Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent were spotted together at Chessington’s World of Adventures.

They were “definitely together” but “not completely all over each other”, says our insider spy.  The two also spent time taking lots of photos of each other and asking passersby to take the odd pic of them as well.

Let’s check into the background here for a ‘mo:

Gemma Atkinson is supposed to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo.  We recently reported the rumours that she had an affair with Cristiano’s (now former) team-mate, Alan Smith.  Would anyone care to hazard a guess at what the hell she is doing going on roller coasters and fun festivities with Marcus Bent?

Lest we forget, Marcus Bent is supposed to be dating Danielle Lloyd.  They vacationed together.  He (allegedly) cheated on her when she was in the hospital.  They broke up. She took him back.  And so on. 

This new incestuous web of WAG wannabee behaviour is seriously starting to freak us out.  Are we really at the point when we need to be overlapping on ballers? Aren’t there enough to go around?  Even if Marcus and Danielle are split up, what the hell is Gemma Atkinson doing?  Even if she has split with C-Ron, isn’t this a little…you know?

Not that this has anything to do with us, but we might have to formally request an intervention by the FA immediately.  The reputation of the hard working WAGs committed to shopping and hanging on until they receive their cash prize (looking at you Toni Poole and Elen Rives) depends on it.

photo: elite clubbing
imageHere’s a recent pic of Gemma and Marcus out clubbing. Actual photos of them doing the nasty have yet to surface.

As for the Gemma/Cristiano are they-aren’t they, it’s looking like Gemma and Cristiano had in fact split before she hooked up with Marcus – after banging on about C-Ron on her official site, she has publicly admitted that the relationship is on no ‘mo.  Check out the wannabe WAG at T4 on the Beach making the admission (briefly and quickly, note).  Cheers Michaela!

WAG watch: Noemie, Diddy and A Yacht


image: celebutopia


At one time or another we have all fallen prey to the P-Diddy party invite, and Noemie Lenoir (wife of Chelsea’s Claude Makelele) is no different. 

Noemie, who has a role in the newly released Rush Hour 3, hit the Diddy yacht par-tay at the end of last month to get her groove on with the wide assortment of Eurotrash and celeb-ish types.  Rumour has it that Diddy spent a good part of the evening dancing with her. 

The Mirror reports:

“Diddy was really flirting with Noemie,“ says our spy. “And she was dancing provocatively in front of him. Then he invited her back to a party on his boat and they left with friends.“

Did you read that everyone? She was dancing provocatively in front of him.  Technically, that could mean she was 50 feet away, but it was provocative dancing.

We’re much more concerned with the garter-tank top Ms. Lenoir is rocking.  That is messing with our sense of all that is true and just and fashion correct.

The Infidelity Files: Jermain Defoe


image: WENN


We’re not sure if anyone actually cares about this, so we’ll keep it short.

-Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe and Charlotte Meares got engaged earlier this year.
-She bought a £200,000 Pedini kitchen for their home.
-It would appear he’s a cheating man-ho.

Hoochie City Open for Business


We continue our updates with a WAGfest of ho’s, hoochie mamas and skanks.

Two stories are out today about Cristiano Ronaldo‘s girlfriend (?), Gemma Atkinson and Danielle Lloyd (soon to be christened she-who-shall-not-be-named).

Apparently Gemma Atkinson has been getting it on behind Ronaldo’s back with fellow Man U mate, Alan Smith.  Smith would make late night booty calls to Gemma when his girlfriend Holly Worthington was away, and Gemma would sneak over to Smith’s apt.  Gemma is reportedly desperate to hang on to Ronaldo (duh) and has been trying to keep things on the hush.  She’s denied all allegations.

We say: everything we hear about this girl is a) gross b) skankalicious and c) probably a lie, so proceed with slagging her off with caution. 

As for SWSNBN, Danielle Lloyd, believe every nasty story you hear, this girl has issues.  Latest is that she has hooked up with rapper 50 Cent, who is so into her he’s going to fly her to New York and reportedly feature her in his next video: British Wannabe Ho’s R the Best Ho’s

Well, we’re not sure of the exact song title, but it will be something along those lines, we’re certain.  Some say 50’s bedding technique is frequently based on telling girls they will star in his next video.

A story is also out about Danielle admitting to a passionate affair with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton when she was a teenager. At the time she was two-timing him with Shaun Walker, who is currently in a Spanish jail over a gangland shootout. 

Link: Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Denies Cheating
Link: Bestotted Rapper 50 Cent
Link: Lewis Went Round the Bend

Rumour Mill: Poncy Burgers


  The fabulous popbitch is reporting the following blind item… care to hazard a guess at who they’re talking about?

He may have played in the Premiership all year, but this football star isn’t enjoying the jet-set life in Barbados. Honeymooning at the Almond Beach Resort and Spa, the footballer has been on the phone to the travel company with a “serious complaint”, saying his new wife was in tears. The complaint? Well, the restaurants in the all-inclusive resort are, he explained, “too poncy”. All they wanted was a burger and chips.

Other items of note:

At a recent photoshoot for Nike the only thing Ronaldinho did between takes was play Fifa football on Playstation against himself.

Rafa Benitez got over the Champions League defeat by taking his family to Bermuda on holiday.  On the flight he ate “the beef”.