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Ashley Parties, Cheryl Says Insane Things



Last night, Ashley Cole partied the night away at Chinawhite’s in London until 2am.  Is this news?  Perhaps.  Rumour has it that he was with two blonde babes whilst Cheryl was tucked up at home in bed resting before the Girls Aloud tour.

Out on the town with Shaun Wright Phillips, Ashley drank, danced and exchanged witty conversation with the FHM model Kayleigh Pearson and TV presenter Natalie Pike.  Reports say Ashley seemed “embarrassed” when caught leaving the club.  But really, how would you expect him to look? Proud?  He was coming out of Chinawhite.  Has anyone gone to Chinawhite since 1999?  That’s what we’re more concerned about.

Anyhoo, in much more disturbing news, Cheryl Cole is said to have turned down a beaut of a Bentley from Ashley because she says, “I’m no WAG!“. 

Oh boy, where do we start with this one.  First of all Cheryl, you are a WAG, honey. Your husband is a footballer. Deal.  Second of all, were you born in a barn or something? When someone gives you a prezzie, you graciously say thank you, grab the car keys and high tail it to the nail shop to show it off to all of your peeps getting a French mani and a spray tan.  And also: no one cares. 

“I work hard for my money. I don’t ask Ashley for a penny,“ she says.

Link: Ashley Cole Parties With Blonde Stunners
Link: Cheryl ‘I’m No WAG’ Cole Refuses Luxury Car

Split: Nicola T and Bobby Zamora



Suffering from the curse that is the WAGs Boutique relationship destructor of programming hell, Nicola T and Bobby Zamora have split after a two year love-in. 

This follows Stewart Downing and Michaela Henderson-Tynne and Cassie Sumner and Michael Essien, all of whom have hit the wall since the show aired.  The program is actually damaging to relationships, people.

After hearing rumours that Bobby was cheating on her, tabloids are reporting that Nicola instigated the dumping.  It was only a week ago that she was blathering on in OK! magazine about how great their relationship was.  Quotes of interest? Bobby insisting Nicola didn’t have anything to worry about when asked about other women and Nicola saying marriage was on the cards for the two.

Friends of Bobby insist they have split over typical relationship issues like not spending much time together, not because Bobby was up to no good.

Lazy Links

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It’s one of those days where every news story we read annoys the crap out of us.  Or, perhaps we’re just very hungover.  Regardless, it can only mean one thing:  a lazy link day.  Enjoy the randomness.

Peter Crouch was spotted coming to collect a very drunk Abigail Clancy from the BabyCream bar in Liverpool. Abi’s on the cover of this month’s Arena.

Charlton’s Marcus Bent is getting slayed on a regular basis by his team-mates after Danielle Lloyd revealed they were dating. He’s getting the whole sloppy seconds, Teddy Sherringham’s “cast off” wind up.  He’s not happy about it and has let Dani know as much.

Victoria Beckham has been babysitting lambs for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.  The story has it that Ramsey asked her to give the lambs a nice space to roam on the Beckham’s country estate in Hertfordshire, and she agreed.  What Victoria didn’t know was that Ramsey plans on slaughtering the lambs to use for meat in his one of his reality TV episodes of The F Word.  The Mirror is reporting that Victoria will be horrified as she is a staunch vegetarian and anti-fur individual.  We’re sure we’ve seen stories about Victoria existing on a diet of lettuce and sashimi, so not sure if fish no longer qualifies as an animal or what, but Lord knows we sure can’t be bothered to research that.  Victoria’s rep said: She was more than happy to let the sheep roam around her grounds but, as a devout vegetarian, she will be distraught to learn that they’re going to be killed.“

Link: Gosh Posh They’re Nosh

Popbitch has an interesting blind item about a footballer who hasn’t playing much this season… on the pitch, anyway.

“This footballer hasn’t seen much action on the football pitch this season but hasn’t missed out in his private life. Over Easter he was closely cuddled up to a beautiful brunette in a South London wine bar, with girlfriend and baby tucked up safely at home.“

A variety of takes on the story behind David Beckham’s tatts. (Thanks Mary)

Link: The Secret of Beckham’s Amazing Tattoo
Link: David Beckham’s New Tattoo, A Classicist Writes
Link: Tale of the Tattoo

A source says the words, Pray For Me, on David’s right wrist is about the LA move.

“It’s how he feels about the massive move from being an English boy through and through, who has represented his country for many years and is now turning his back on England to embrace America – the move was never an easy decision and it wasn’t really David’s, it was Victoria’s from day one.  The tattoo is not something Victoria wanted him to go ahead with as she felt it would not be a good start to their time in LA, but David was adamant that he would show his true feelings about the move and stop covering it up, even if it is rather cryptic.“

In other news, is is Friday yet?


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Beck Talk: The Spider has the Eagle in her Web


imageAndy Bernal, one of the SPX management company employees during the David Beckham / Rebecca Loos scandal of ‘03 has the type of insider information we would kill for.

A part of the well-oiled Beckham machine from the minute David arrived in Madrid, Bernal (a former professional soccer player himself) says it didn’t take long for professional relationships to get a little messy between Becks and SPX rep Rebecca. 

Picture the scene:  the company has to set up makeshift headquarters at Rebecca’s father’s house.  David’s wife is shopping in London while the transition happens. Oh, and she’s also making records with Damon Dash in NYC with the hopes of an American re-launch. David is acclimatising to the Spanish lifestyle by chilling out on a sun lounger.  Rebecca is poolside in a bikini.  Bernal is in the background trying to get the internet to work. 

Quick question: ladies, would you be cool with your man “working” with this woman?  Isn’t that like taking a job at a cake shop when you’re on a diet? Just askin’.

Right, so as we all know, one night David and Rebecca are busted together at a nightclub.  Grainy photos do the rounds.  Becks’ peeps say it was a company night out, no biggie.  Bernal agrees, but adds that at the end of the evening, David and Rebecca sped off separately from the group in a car driven by bodyguard Delfin Fernandez. 

Later, Fernandez radioed to Bernal on the two-way: “The spider has the eagle in her web.“

Of course when the text messages and Rebecca’s tell-all tabloid confession came out, Victoria quickly fired the crap out of everyone on the SPX team.  She told Bernal:  “Andy, we all have mortgages to pay… We’ve all got to do what we’ve all got to do.“

imageWonder what she told Rebecca, huh?  Something like, “Beeyatch, you’re skank ass is toast!“ but perhaps not sounding quite so gangsta.

Anyone remember that after the (alleged) affair story broke, David’s official line was that the claims were “ludicrous”?  Not actually false, mind you.  Maybe he meant Ludacris – he’s always loved his rappers, our David.

Other random notes of interest: David keeps pet terrapins (turtles).

The interesting bit of this story is the very obvious exclusion from the British media.  Strange, no? These are the people who report with great fervour when Victoria buys a handbag.  In fact, a little tipster-birdie told us the tabloids did approach Bernal with a big money offer but he turned it down, scared of being misrepresented. Plans for a book were similarly shelved because most UK publishers were too scared of the Beckham’s suing them and their children’s children until the end of time.

Nothing like some good new/old news to start the day off right.  Turtles, bikinis and spiders, oh my.

Link: At the Becks And Call of Posh & Dave

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Rumour Mill: Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant?

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Stories are beginning to circulate in the gossip netherworlds that Ashley and Cheryl Cole may be expecting.

Friends of Ashley’s are yakking it up, according to an insider:  “Cheryl and Ashley have been wanting a family for ages now, it would be the seal on their relationship and Ashley’s friends have been making it their business to talk about it. It is the talk among Ashley’s football gang.“

First of all, who the hell says “football gang“?  No one born after the year 1800 talks like that, do they? Ashley may want to look into removing said insiders from his circle of mates.

But back to the baby talk.  Cheryl hasn’t hid her desire to have a baby – soon after her and Ashley were married last July, she admitted they wanted a family.  She’s also pulled out of being a judge on the reality show, Britain’s Got Talent, which would have had her as the sole female judge next to Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. 

So remember, if this turns out to be true: you read it here first-ish.  Or, if it’s a complete crock: we never met.

Link: Pals Claim Girls Aloud Cheryl Is Pregnant

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