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Courtesy of this week’s fabu popbitch newsletter:

Stan Collymore has just spent a week at the nudist resort, Cap d’Agde in France.  Apparently he’s shagged at least 100 women, most of them publicly.

“Dozens of very beautiful women were seen throwing themselves at him as, we’re told, Stan is rather well-hung and currently very toned. However, Stan rejected most of them and made a beeline for “mumsy types”


Stan used to be sexy. 

However, after the public beatdown of then-girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson in a pub in ‘98, trying to sell a tape of them having sex and his various “dogging” incidences up and down the UK, we say: now, not so much.  Or: ick.  Or: wait, aren’t you married??

And there’s more, on Chelsea defender John Terry:

According to PB,

Football clubs are buzzing with the story that (potential England captain) John Terry’s mum got, er, rather friendly, with Jamie Carragher’s brother at the World Cup.