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Ilary Blasi: Still Not Pregnant Or Giving Gifts


wife of as roma il capitano francesco totti mother of two hotty totty family

Images: Ufficio Stampa.

il capitano wife mother of chanel christian cristian totti childrenSpeaking to Tgcom24 at Milan’s Fashion’s Night Out last week, Mrs Francesco Totti once again felt compelled to deny that she and the AS Roma captain were expecting a third.

They say time heals all wounds, but our relief at this news proves otherwise. Maybe we haven’t gotten past the time Ms Blasi boasted about denying her kids their god given right to presents?

“Cristian and Chanel have a different standard of living to most children.. I really want them to understand the value of what they have, I want them to realise how lucky they are. An example? Gifts only at Christmas and birthdays.”

Nope, we haven’t. Is that not the cruelest approach to child-rearing you’ve ever heard, Kickettes?

Sergio Ramos: Sleepy Sounds For A Special Person


Image: Of Headbands & Heartbreak.

If you found yourself wondering why in the hell would Sergio Ramos be tweeting links to the song “Heaven” by Bryan Adams before going to bed last night, wonder no more.

Take it away Google Translate!

Time to go to sleep. Tomorrow match against Saudi. I leave this topic of Bryan Adams dedicated to a very special person. Good night.

Note the emphasis, Kickettes.

The Ramos™ and 80s music. It’s what we’ve always dreamed of, and now it’s come to life. As a guessing game nightmare.

Carly Cole: On Twitter? Expecting Another?


Maybe you have noticed that Carly Cole, wife of Joe, is on Twitter Kickettes?

Don’t beat yourselves up, we didn’t either.

Reader Soledad writes in:

“There have been many fakes before, all posting what seem to be private pics, but they all disappeared. Now there is a new one, and she claims to be having a new Cole baby next month.”

Hmmm….first time we’re hearing this news, but could in theory make sense, since Carly has been missing in action since Joey moved their family to France last August.

What about the rest of our Kickette Army? Can anyone confirm or deny if the Cole brood is expanding? If Carly is expected to pop sometime soon, will baby number two set a new world magazine cover record (stealing the crown from his/her older sister Ruby, who made her Hello! debut at 10 days old)?

Sex Tape Shopping With Gerard Pique & Shakira


Image: Bauer Griffin.

The arguably most talked about couple in Spain seems to be closer than ever to having their sexual interactions broadcast to the world. While Shakira’s reps originally denied, denied, denied the existence of any sex tape – blaming two of the Colombian singer’s former employees for winding everybody up – it’s being reported that a sex tape between the Barcelona ‘baller and singer does, in fact, exist.


La Liga, Serie A May Soon Disappear For Viewers in America


Finest Five spanish supercopa real madrid winners sergio ramos abs hair

Image: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images Europe.

Update: We’ve been slow on this news and not with good reason. Soz gang!

Reader, Carolina, writes in:

“Very sad news for us USA Kickettes that don’t have satellite service.  ESPN3 did stream the Spanish Super Cup, but not sure if they will show other Liga matches.”

American Kickettes, what do you make of this potential news? Will you self combust if you aren’t able to see Higi’s short tent or any of Parma’s torsos on the reg?