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Dating: Thomas Vermaelen & Polly Parsons


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We’re really not happy to say this on today of all days, but according to Peter Andre, Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen is dating his mate, the Real Hustle presenter Polly Parsons.

Psquared – who was previously engaged to Sid Owen of EastEnders - first met the 26-year-old Belgian defender at a surprise party for his team-mate, Robin van Persie. By mid month last month rumours swirled about the pair steadily seeing one another, but alas, we can now confirm Peter and Polly are as desperate for publicity as Kerry Katona and David Gest.


Gregory Lacombe & Teddy Mezague: If The Shoe Fits…


Images: MHSC Foot.

One of these players has the largest feet on Montpellier. The other, the smallest.

Is it true what they say about a man’s shoe size, Kickettes?


Hook Ups: Yoann Gourcuff & Karine Ferri


From this week’s issue of Closer magazine: Lashes has a new steady named Karine Ferri. The mag’s got exclusive pics of the pair on holiday in Mandelieu along with sources saying neither left the other’s side for three days straight.

ligue 1 WAG lashes gourcuffThat last part we find hard to believe. Mainly because…well, what about loo breaks?

Anywho, Karine seems to be well known in France as the former partner of the winner of “Star Academy” 4, Gregory Lemarchal. And while we love us some YoGo just as much as the next Kickette soldier girl or boy, our interest in researching his latest hook up stopped there (although one of our readers has shared additional KF deets here).

We are, however, always very interested in looking at his hot bod-ay, so let’s be thankful for small mercies.

Dating Dossier: Concerts, Conditions & Playing Coy – UPDATED


Man City star striker hair girlfriend dating hook up Raffaella Fico

Image: Repubblica.it.

UPDATE: Shakira’s father, has apparently said the following about the possibility of a bun being in his daughter’s oven: “hopefully the news will be official soon.” So maybe the pop star is actually up the duff after all? Guess we’ll just have to wait, see and play “Spot the Waka In The Womb” for now.


It’s one of those days where every news story we read seems to have a hint of fiction to it (if not more).

Regardless, follow us below to get all the random gories you probably won’t want us mentioning ever again.


Jerome Boateng: Pre-Euro Extracurricular Escapades?


Image: Bild.

The night before Germany left for the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, Kevin-Prince’s younger brother was spotted hanging around (and later checking into) a Berlin hotel with occasional nudie model, Gina-Lisa Lohfink, while his teammates rested up in a nearby luxury hotel.

The biggest offense of the evening?

It was a €79-a-night airport hotel room. Bastian Schweinsteiger’s one night accommodations cost the DFB €800 alone.

You think the continental breakfast option was included in Jerome and Gina-Lisa’s stay?