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Milan Derby Debate: Barbara Berlusconi vs Melissa Satta


Judging by these photos, who do you think had a better time at the Derby della Madonnina?

As we all know, life in the spotlight can be hectic and invasive of one’s privacy. The best way to deal the stresses of public life? Mingle with the normies, like Barbara Berlusconi did amongst a sea of sad faces in the San Siro’s packed stands.

In contrast, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s girlfriend, Melissa Satta spent her 90 minutes stuffing her face with prosciutto paninis on the VIP terrace. The lack of leftovers should sum up her Sunday match viewing experience.

Well, Kickettes. Barbara or Melissa?


The Tuesday Torso: Francesco Totti, Roma


Getting Our Excuses In Early: Maarten Stekelenburg & Son


Image: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images.

We’re devastated that the season is slipping away like so much cheap wine, but yet, our ovaries are heading into high-geared excitement over the many footy kids soon to be prancing around the pitch in shoes worth more than our mortgages.

Former Ajax Amsterdam goalkeeper, Maarten Stekelenburg, bid a fond farewell to the club’s fans during half-time at Ajax’s match against VVV Venlo last weekend and was joined by that mini-me son of his, Sem. Why he did this a year after he left the club to tend goal for AS Roma is beyond us, but semantics, schmemantics. An adorable bubba was involved in Maarten’s goodbye lap, therefore this is news.

Christopher Cassano: Collar Poppin’ Kid


Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images.

This kid learns quickly, no?

While Carolina Marcialis employed the foolproof Kickette Morning After The Night Before Method™ to fend off an unwanted photo opp last week (oversized sunnies, red lipstick, emergency pony, cute kid), her son Christopher was caught embarrassingly cold.

At AC Milan’s match vs. Atalanta a week later, Antonio’s son was all over it like crap trousers at a Real Madrid team dinner. A popped collar, faux-hawk and strong showing of the chubby cheek maximised the effect.

Poor Carolina. Can you imagine what Christopher’s gonna be like when he hits seven?

Kit Launches: From The Sublime To The Rapdiculous


YouTube Preview Image

New kits are coming thick and fast, and while most are going with the standard ‘cute boy in a clean shirt‘ approach, Leeds United are enticing their fans with something a little different.

Tell us, Kickettes: do you even buy replica shirts? If so, would an Eminem-inspired plea from your beleaguered manager make you reach into your purse and purchase something you almost certainly already have, albeit with a different sponsor name and/or slightly narrower stripes on it?

Or do you prefer to spend your money on more serious acquisitions? Say, cake?