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Ezequiel Lavezzi & Yanina Screpante: Turning Over A Sunny New Leaf


Ed Note: Everyone and their daughter mum have been hanging in the fashionable Italian city lately…

Ezequiel Lavezzi looked Charlie Sheen crazy good whilst shopping in Milan three days ago with his goddess, girlfriend Yanina Screpante.

This is the first time we’ve paid attention to the Argentine model since last November, after she quickly appeared and disappeared from our WAGs who are barely relevant roster following that Twitter rant. Can’t say we’ve missed many updates from her end; her boyfriend, on the other hand, is a different story.

Why? Well, because through all the drama between his girl and his club’s prez, Lavezzi made damn sure his sexiness persevered. As it should have.

It’s reasons and moments like this – when footballers are seen walking and smiling – that this website exists. So don’t just sit there, Kickettes. Go out and rejoice in sunny peace. If nothing else, you should give be thankful you get to bask in the same UVA/UVB rays as this man.

Perplexed Players: You Need Some Help With That, Honey?


“So what you’re essentially telling me is that these fancy electronic shoes only work if I shave my legs?” Fulham’s Pavel Pogrebnyak puzzles over the instructions for his new miCoach boots.

Much was made of Mario Balotelli’s failure to control a bib last season, but were we being unfair to Super Mario by singling him out for his hilarious ineptitude? Is he really the only footballer player who struggles with the simplest of every day tasks?

A brief glance around the leagues suggests not.


Weekend Results: Coming From Behind


The Pincer Movement. We may try this one ourselves.

We managed to find a theme to our post this week and stick to it all the way through. Boom.


Good Week/Bad Week: Sackings, Special Reports & Semantics


Ibrahim Affellay and a pack of his Barca teammates headed to the DSquared store in Milan earlier today.

There’s some serious weirdness going on in the world of football, Kickettes, and this time it’s got nothing to do with our staffers and their nefarious nocturnal activities.

Well, not all of it, anyway.


Marco Borriello: Defensive Driving Dunce


YouTube Preview Image

Sorry Marco. Sending you those photos of the Kickette staffers in their swimsuits obviously distracted you during this highly complex driving forward manoeuvre.

Honestly? That excuse is the only one you’re going to get away with when driving into the side of a fan’s stationary Peugeot in your big ole man-mobile. If we were in your situ (and let’s face it, we frequently are), we’d stick to it.