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High Street Stroll: Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Helena Seger In Milan


Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger hit the high street in Milan. They’re well co-ordinated, have excellent accessories and their dog is fierce. Image copyright Stella Pictures. Thanks M!

Leather & Lapels: Mirko Vucinic & Stefano Mauri For Sky Italia


Feeling brave? Allow your eyes to rest on the gents in the center of this photograph. Take in the pleather and wide arse denim lapels. Enjoy Mirko and Stefano working their 1970s fashion crimes all the way to giving us a blinding migraine.

To be fair, this isn’t a typical night out at the pub for the lads. They’re filming an ad for Sky Italia for the Lazio / Roma derby in November. They’re keeping it g’d up, yo.

Psst, Stefano: we still would.

Watch the video/ad here. [via ASA]

Kickette Undercover: The Ones That (Almost) Got Away


Antonio Nocerino of Palermo.  Trust us. The reasons for this behaviour: more complex than they first appear. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Our coverage of the various leagues and tourneys is as comprehensive as it could possibly be considering the amount of time we spend drunk, asleep at our day jobs, paying fines and/or undertaking community service. However, we are aware that there are many, many hot players and interesting events sneaking under our radar.

We thought we’d try and address this matter by availing you of some of the astonishing lengths these hardworking, under-appreciated guys are prepared to go to in order to feature on these pages. If you like it, we’ll do it more. If you don’t, we’ll probably do it more anyway.

Ladies, please welcome : The Ones That (Almost) Got Away


Weekend Results: Totally On Message


Mario Gomez: Allowing Kickette staff to get their priorities right since 1985.

Now you see, it’s days like this we really come into our own. Considering the high scores, controversial sendings off and returns to form this weekend has brought forth, any ordinary football website would lead with a dull action photo of a tackle, a red card or one of Cristiano’s goal celebrations.

Not us, though. We’re going to lead this episode of the Weekend Results with a picture of a man whose team are currently eleventh in the Bundesliga and ground out a 0-0 draw with Hamburg. Yup, it’s Mario Gomez and his thighs. Does our temerity not rock?!


Loose-Lipped WAG Files: Michela Quattrociocche


Kickettes, are you sad to see Ms. Q. go, or are you secretly hoping the door slams her (perfectly toned) arse on the way out? Image from 25 August 2009, Zimbio.com.

Despite her knock-out bod and killer hair, Alberto Aquilani’s other, better-looking half, Michela Quattrociocche, is not making herself any fast friends in Liverpool or Roma. Speaking with Corriere dello Sport, perhaps as a teensy publicity push in support of her role with the upcoming Roma Golf Open, Michaela Q. attempted to be diplomatic when discussing Aquilani’s career moves.

But really, we’re convinced she’s thanking her lucky stars to be back in her homeland. Help us decide if she’s blissful or bitter about the recent string of club changes her man has made, Kickettes?