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Artur Boruc: Tents, Tongues, Training


As we suspected, Artur Boruc has had no trouble adjusting as the new kid on the Fiorentina playground. He’s thrusting and testing the air quality like the peacock-python bad-boy hybrid we all know and love. Look out, Italy!

Parma Pre-Season Training: We Know What You’re Doing


Parma FC’s Valeri Bojinov in ‘training’ (above and below left). Also attracting interest from Timotei. Images: Getty Images via Zimbio

Kickettes, we bring you further proof (if it were needed) that our carefully constructed blend of manflesh exposure and gentle snarking is gradually infiltrating the psyche of the world’s football clubs.

They may deny it. They may pretend they’re simply embracing novel new training techniques for the sake of their sport. But we all know these boys secretly crave the honour of a feature on our hallowed pages and are taking surreptitious steps to ensure their opportunities are maximised. And as always, we are pleased to oblige.

Welcome, if you will, Parma FC in pre-season ‘training’. We know what you’re doing, boys. And for the record, we’re lovin’ it.

Battle Of The Holiday Hotties: Xabi Alonso v Marco Borriello


Images via Bellazon

They’ve gone head-to-head before, Kickettes. And we all know how that went. But we feel the risk of repeating ourselves is worth it.

After seeing shots of our most-oft visited Monday morning/afternoon/evening fantasy, Marco Borriello, on vacation in Ibiza (with this),  we thought: why not give him a chance to claim his hot Italian place in the hallowed ‘Hell, Yes’ halls of our HQ?

Is Bori your ultimate beachy-with-benefits babe? Or, will you vote for one of our favourite Spaniards, Xabi Alonso, who is in Mallorca with his family, and definitely deserves a place in every girls Most-Wanted list?

Go on, dear readers, tell us who gets your holiday hottie vote this morning?


Crimes Against Beauty: Sky’s Serie A Advert


AC Milan’s Alexandre Pato. Apparently, there is a fine line between pretty and putrid. Images via ahh_serie_a

To vandalise something beautiful is a crime, people. And we abhor all crime here at Kickette. (Unless it involves the liberation of abandoned cocktails, in which case our Puritanism becomes a touch hazy.)

One thing is for certain, this discovery exposes the dark and sinister underbelly of the advertising world and the lengths some broadcasters will go to in order to sell their product. We feel it is our duty to alert you to these sickening acts. User discretion is advised.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Ashley Cole, knee deep in yet another text-sex tabloid-sell out extravaganza, was in Los Angeles this weekend. As you can see, he’s making friends with women with very impressive hair. (Let’s hope the horse she bought it from got paid well for the sacrifice.) He also made the acquaintance of a lady who didn’t seem to notice her shirt wasn’t covering what it needs to cover. What fun!

Let’s see what else went down over the weekend, shall we?