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Marco Borriello: Back And Better Than Ever


Marco Borriello naked

Images credit: Chi Magazine via TGCOM.

Well, well, well…who do we have here? It’s Marco Marco Marco (something we wish we could yell out on a more…ahem…regular basis).

Italian player Marco Borriello and his brother Fabio spent last weekend celebrating his 28th birthday. On MB’s agenda? Climbing ladders while losing his swim trunks and hosing down his “friends” off the coast of Capri.

Seeing Marco in his purest state is almost as good as being touched by an angel. (Ed note: a Victoria’s Secret angel, one suspects). In fact, we’d give up our spot in footy gossip heaven for just 24 hours alone with Mr. Borriello.

Sorry to get newsy on you folks, but our blatant obsession with this man raises an interesting Q. In a survey conducted this past May, 51% of World Cup fan respondents said they would starve themselves for a week, while 40% were willing to give up dating for an entire year if it led to World Cup glory.

Therefore, what would you be willing to give up for one night with Marco Borriello?

Reach deep, Kickettes, because he’s totes worth it. We’d forgo eating Jaffa Cakes for life. That’s how serious we are.

Birthday Boy Mini-Bulge: Marco Borriello


Marco Borriello

Image via Reuters.

Even fully clothed in training gear that he’s not currently wearing in South Africa, Marco Borriello has the innate ability to turn our brains to mush.

We like him. We love him. We want more of him.

Happy Birthday to Signore Borriello, who turns 28 today. He’s rumoured to be sunning himself somewhere off the Adriatic Coast if you’ve yet to update your stalkwatch lists.

AC Milan’s Marco Borriello: Just Because…


Images via GQ Italia.

1. …we’re still bitter about the readers’ choice F5 vote and we won’t let you forget it;

2…his interview in the June issue of GQ Italia is causing somewhat of a ruckus and we’re in the mood for some bad boy blood;

3…we have to settle for this hip tattoo-chiseled back combo instead of seeing him in the onslaught of World Cup photos that are upon us.

Pato & Sthefany’s Divorce Proceedings Suspended


Speculation about the demise of their marriage is rife around Kickette HQ. Some believe it was Sthef’s poor force-feeding tactics that did her – and her possible divorce settlement – in.

Our new favourite feuding Brazilian couple is at it again – and it’s getting ugly. For a rehash of Act 1, check out the initial divorce announcement.

Act 2, Scene 1

- Please recall: Sthef was asking for a pension/allowance/alimony to help her re-settle in Brazil. Her lawyer confirmed that a €50,000 proposal was “one of many” offers her legal team submitted to Pato’s lawyers. Sthef was also claiming that she’s been out of work for 7 months AND her TV contracts have expired, leaving her jobless and without a telly set to put her mug on.

(Asking for money to “readjust” to the country you were born and grew up in? That’s a whole ‘lotta bish, please right there.)


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Marco Borriello and Andrea Pirlo arrive for Italian National team training; they’re plaid and they’re fabulous.

- Australian gossip rag Famous alleges that a UK newspaper is investigating stories from three WAGabees who are claiming to have hooked up with David Beckham. Meep!

- Fernando Torres brought baby Nora to Paza del Monasterio de Aciveiro for her christening. Wife Olalla brought some bad-arse Louboutins and an excellent bitchface.

- Cheryl Cole rolled up in Cannes for the Outside of the Law premiere and looked fantabulous in her white Versace bandage dress. Rumours (aka completely fabricated for reasons we don’t care enough to figure out) continue to swirl about Chezza and Will.i.am being an item.

- Christine Bleakley went to the British Academy Television Craft Awards. Nope, we’ve no idea either. What do you think of her “high fash” dress?

- Like we didn’t already know Sammy Eto’o is ballin’, big boy style. He’s just bought a 10,000+sq ft, €17 million house in Milan’s absolutely-most-exclusive-designer-shopping-on-your-doorstep neighbourhood.