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Having only just recovered from the intense, fun-filled and good-spirited hilarity that is April Fools Day (anyone sensing a teensy bit of irony there?) we happened upon these where did I leave my meds images for the 2010 calendar from Italian side Napoli.

Though entertained, we would like to offer a note of caution: Anyone remember Swatch watches? They too were shiny, fashionable and very ‘European’ but in the end we realised they were basically inexpensive and made of plastic. We’re only saying.

The bellas at Straight-Up Serie A get full, awe-filled credit for the find.

- More Beck talk as Geri Halliwell puts her foot in it (like this isn’t going to come back and bite her) and a rumour circulates that DVB are trying for a little lady bubba. We’re sorry, but we had enough trouble dealing with this. The idea of David in a similar pose with daughter? Well, let’s just say there may be consequences.

- Not that we need any, but here’s a reminder that Abbey Clancy’s body is ridiculous. [via WAATP]


The Tuesday Torso: Amauri Part II, Juventus


Amuri Torso

We love this man because he loves removing his shirt.

The Thursday Toes: Javier Zanetti, Inter


[Via S-U SA]

Lazy Links & Randoms


While you take a moment to admire Luis Figo’s manly backpack (it belongs to his daughter), please do enjoy a few bits of news and goss.

-Speaking of pink bags, the Spoiler have published their list of top ten metrosexual ‘ballers. We can’t help but think it’s missing the king of man-bags and poker-straight locks, a certain Mr Ramos.

-Metrosexual stylings not your thing? Xabi Alonso’s Esquire cover shot should solve that.  We’re getting a little worried about the current Spanish trend for dodgy beards though…

-We’re going to assume Cheryl Cole’s feedback mic/monitor/auto-tuner was having a bad day during this live performance of Parachutes.

-In other Chezza news, she’s flaunting her single girl status. We approve.

-Inter’s Francesco Toldo got more than big balls; he’s got a big mouth too. [via UF.com]

-We want a peek in Coleen Rooney’s Selfridges bag!

-Lionel Messi is one RAMO (rich-ass-mo-fo). He’s just knocked Becks off the top of the footy rich list.

-Wow. Charlie Davies is back in training. Hella impressive.

-More Andrey Arshavin webchat insanity. It’s him or Robbie Savage for Internet LOL-King of 2010, that’s for sure.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



Fernando Torres, the man that put the “phroar” in freckles, turned 26 this weekend. In honour of the sexy Spaniard’s big day, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what colour highlights we prefer with our Nando. We call these, “sunshine dreams”.  Happy birthday, Fern, and here’s wishing you a fantabulous year full of good hair days and epic bitchfaces. Nub nu!